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  1. I don't think they will remove permanently.
  2. =Hello 👋 . LËGEND Recruitments = If you want to join our team [LGÑD] LËGEND. You must follow these steps for application to join. You can join through forum by contacting Branaso , Hamizoss , TiddoO , Rylthai , MarioPKMNfrlg You can also join through our discord. Here is our discord link 🔗[LGÑD] LËGEND Discord . You can also join through from the in game by contacting the Team's staff's or by the comment Recruitments: ✦Your Game Name✦ ✦Shiny Hunter / PvP Player✦ ✦how many hours played?✦ ✦Shiny Hunter : how many OT shinies you have?✦ ✦PvP Player : which tier do you play?✦ ✦How many region(s) you completed?✦ ✦Why are you interested to join us?✦ We don't allow: Toxic players. who haven't done 4 regions yet . who don't do pvp or shiny hunting who have less than 300 hours Accept these and boom be a member of LEGEND's
  3. Good luck bro , Its gonna take patience
  4. Sorry for the mistake . Will be fixed ASAP Okay bro
  5. I wish I could be on top 10
  6. Thanks for the information.
  7. Few issue's will be fixed up tomorrow Im pro at pvp 😆
  8. LËGENDS LEADER BOARD Information about LËGENDS LEADER BOARD (LL): It is Leader board where team members will be shown up in top to bottom of lists . The lists place will depend on your pvp rank , pvp elo , matchmaking skills , beating others in our team . The Leaderboard will be updated once in two week . So You will have the opportunity to go up in the leaderboard. You can go up by challenging members or by rank & elo. The leaderboard(OU) will be of 10 places in each sectors. The Top #1 will get Master rank . The top 9 will be the elites . The leaderboard of RD,UU.NU&DB will be of 5 places. The Top #1 will get Master rank .Then the next 1 will be elite rank then the next 2 will get veteran. The last 1 will be Ace to Trainer rank. The other one extra leaderboard is for tournaments . It will be based on monthly tournaments , team tournaments , civil wars . The additional leaderboard will of 15 places. It will be out of ranks & elos. Only can goes up by winning unofficial , official tournaments and pvp team events. Question: Any tier is allowed? Answer :Only OU , UU , NU , DB & RD are allowed . Question: what are these ribbons ? Answer : =Legend member rank ribbon. = VIP guest or outside of team member rank ribbon = Ace rank ribbon = Veteran rank ribbon = Legend league cup winner ribbon = Novice rank ribbon = Elite rank ribbon = Master rank ribbon Question: How do I enter to the leaderboard? Answer : You simply just have to DM through discord to "Tiddo#2030" or "Zidane#9185" or "hamizoss#1404|" and send picture of your trainer card and matchmaking Elo plus rank . You can also join the leaderboard through comment . Example : PvP teachers are Owazabi and ZidaneOrcio. Main PvP tutor: Owazabi LËGEND Leaderboard (OU) #1 Owazabi 800with Elite rank #2 ZidaneOrcio 750 with veteran rank #3 sagarbro 742 elo with veteran rank #4 breehzy 722.10 elo with veteran rank #5 hamizoss 666.43 elo with veteran rank #6 Branaso 656.17elo with veteran rank #7 Johnzey 652.89elo with veteran rank #8 VisionHero 696 elo with veteran rank #9 Vidasi 623 with ace rank #10 RedOxx 618 with ace rank LËGEND Leaderboard (UU) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 LËGEND Leaderboard (NU) #1 Dragniya 570 elo with ace rank #2 #3 #4 #5 LËGEND Leaderboard (DB) #1 HaxForU (as guest) 642 with elite rank #2 #3 #4 #5 LËGEND Leaderboard (RD) #1 Mostafaev 782 with elite rank #2 Rythlai 740 with elite rank #3 Branaso 680.35 with elite rank #4 TooCuteToHandle 650 with veteran rank #5 hamizoss 587 with ace rank LËGEND Leaderboard (Additional) #1 Sagarbro #2 Barfeelaadmii #3 ZidaneOrcio #4 Rylthai #5 Mostafaev #6 Vidasi #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15
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