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  1. I had this same idea some time ago, it can be very useful, upvote.
  2. 2 days later, while no shiny hunting...somebody up there has blessed me
  3. 7776 hordes, 13 days, mission acomplished, GG! --------------------------------------------------------------
  4. You were right guys, I was close to get it, BUT, let me tell you a little story here. In the past july 26th, horde #3895 the shiny showed up. I was very happy until my battery run out. When I could reconnect my session was ended by the server, I lost the shiny. The message below in this screenshot say the following: "Some actions were restricted for 18 seconds because you were defeated when you logged out". After that I was crying for about 20 minutes then I posted another thread here wich was deleted dueste to some language rules I didnt know (you can't make threads enterely and only on spanish language. @Sethwarned me about). Took an enterely day for rest, I was very dissapointed. Yesterday I began looking for the shiny again, I didnt reset the counter, now I am 5500 hordes, and battery full hahah😅, that's all. Wish me luck, I will put a screenshot with the shiny here when I get it. And thank you all for the support and good will 🙌
  5. Thanks for the feedback, you cracks!
  6. The thing is, i got 3000 hordes looking for shiny magikarp, no luck for me. I got the money to buy one from gtl but still i want the OT. Should i buy a donator status ticket and shiny amulet and keep going ahother week or just buy it from gtl, what would you recommend?
  7. Got a few ideas: - Slowpoke hat - Demon head - Farfetch stick: - And this, diglett suit, think this would be funny to see xd
  8. Rychell

    Pvp replay

    Seems like i wasnt clear enough about the idea: 1 - The pvp log will not be saved on the server, it will be on local store 2 - It will only save the last pvp you had, if you do another pvp, it will be replaced 3 - I know the battle log, but this is plain text, im looking into a full battle video wich will not be recorded by the game inself, just replay the last battle like the actual tournament system does w every single battle on it, for video recording you'll have to use another software 4 - Only you and the oponent are capable of viewing the replay 5 - Recording the battle on a replay will optimize the time cause there will be not delays between turns
  9. Rychell

    Pvp replay

    Please mods add an personal register function to replay the last pvp you've done in ranked. Here's a few reasons why to add this: 1 - Hackers: in case you get matched with a hacker you'll have more proofs to make a report 2 - Feedback: By this i mean you can check your own mistakes on pvp and learn what you have to work on 3 - Exciting pvp: In case you had a pvp that is worth to record in video for any reason :) Thanks for reading...
  10. 10th anniversary of the innocents
  11. Safari got an "F" on the word, coincendence? I dont think so
  12. Ok, this is it, after 5 update delays nothing can surprise us. How many days will be delayed again? It will really come out? Place your bets here, mmo players:
  13. So fkin cool this hairstyle, need this ?
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