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  1. if the song is silent now, it means your mod is probably done correctly, and the only issue is the audio file itself. it probably got corrupted during conversion from mp3 to ogg. try doing it with a proper conversion software, as suggested by budadeth above
  2. If you don't like the changes cause it breaks mods... Imo this responsibility is on the modders, not on the game devs. Just fix the mods.
  3. Kyu adressed this recently in another thread in summary, -shiny hunting simultaneously on 2 accounts is fine, on 5+ accounts is not fine -no tool assitance, so you cant, say, bind the same controller to both accounts.
  4. Usage is only half the system anyways. If, say, shaymin is never used because it's too expensive, gets placed in NU, but it's too strong there, then it gets suspect tested and then banned. Usage is a good system imo. Market availability is not an issue when it comes to determining competitive viability.
  5. i havent played in pokemmo specifically in a while but generally speaking i think the pp nerf was a good addition to pokemon battling the primary reasons i'm not a hardcore pokemmo matchmaking addict: -queue is too long -battle is too long tldr for me, if battles are faster, it's healthy. plus, it could introduce new fun moves to the meta that we don't see a lot. such as passive recovery moves that didn't get their pp slashed (ingrain, aqua ring etc) or spite, because it's actually kinda threatening to chansey now.
  6. you're probably better off just installing linux for the wii or something, and running pokemmo from there
  7. Regarding roms: You just need to download them on your device. And then, in the login screen, there's a "rom select" button that will open a file explorer. Regarding japanese: There shouldn't be any japanese text if you picked english, unless your rom is in japanese. Try obtaining the english rom. Or whichever language you prefer.
  8. hi, there's two common detail that people miss: 1 - make sure you are zipping the files directly, and not a folder that contains the files in other words, when you open your zip, the "sounds" folder should be right there, at the root. like this: myMod.zip > sounds and not inside another folder like this: myMod.zip > myMod > sounds 2- if you're playing on android, you need to press "compression method: store". double-check the tutorial for more detailed screenshots.
  9. Do you want to make one or install one? Installing is easy, just find an ips patch on forums or wherever, download lunar ips, and insert the rom and the patch. It'll output a patched rom. Making one, uhhhhhhh, absolutely no clue dude.
  10. IPS is kinda like romhacking. So it's not really a pokemmo mod, it's actually straight-up editing the rom. But since pokemmo reads a lot of data from the rom to display in the client, if you edit the rom, it may affect pokemmo as well. This is the case with tilemap modifications. the idea is you get a rom file and an .ips file (the mod), and then you patch the rom with a software called Lunar IPS.
  11. I wouldn't have minded more random ivs through breeding, if you had, say, bottle caps to max out an IV. As long as you can make a 5x31 within reasonable amounts of time and money, any system works. But we're already here now, why bother finding a different system to accomplish the same?
  12. Not that I'm aware of. Since the mod functionality doesn't support coding, or changing any kind of behavior really -- it's literally just replacing an asset with another one. So, this would only work for, say, battles in the game that already use a random bgm among a certain selection. And then you replace each of those individually. I'm not sure if those exist -- maybe the pvp matchmaking bgm is random? I haven't played it much.
  13. Either in the pokemmo login screen just press "mod management" and browse to file location. Or, in pokemmo install folder, find Data folder, then Mods folder
  14. Can you post screenshots please? I would rather see it before downloading!
  15. Hey man, this is not a mod, it's just a setting in the menu. Just disable: "Show battle background"
  16. Yeah. I downloaded it on my phone directly from the link you sent, and then used ingame mod manager to grab it from my downloads folder. I didn't modify it, it didn't even go through my pc. Since it works for me but not for you, i can say confidently it's not an issue with the mod format itself. But there's a million reasons it could be now. It may be worth opening a support request. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with your specific android version, or client version, idk.
  17. I like the thought process of wanting to spice pvp with new stuff. But I think adding new pvp categories that require farming is in general a double-edged move. People almost never run out of OU comps to breed, let alone UU or NU. The grind is practically infinite, and they already have such a high bar to enter the comp scene. So if a new category takes away grinding time from the primary formats on top of that, it's not necessarily the healthiest addition. Good additional formats, imo, are the ones that do not require grinding at all, things like randoms, metronome cup, (arguably doubles where you can use your OU comps to an extent), monotype format, stab format, freaking--bandstorm, 1v1 ... you get the idea. Reusing existing comps in new ways will breathe life into pvp, but making people grind more is not my recommended solution. Not to mention catching wild pokemon with good ivs already has plenty of incentive, since they're used as breeding materials. If you're still intent on this idea despite these criticisms, you could always try hosting an unofficial tournament with this ruleset and evaluate the community's reception to it.
  18. Thank you for waiting. I installed the mod you sent on both pc and android. Sure enough, it actually works fine on both platforms. I imagine the issue might be improperly importing the mod or something? Or maybe your ingame volume setting or phone media volume is just muted?
  19. Maybe. Can you just send me the mod? I'll take a look.
  20. What's the extension of your sound files? It's possible that android requires .ogg and not .mp3, or vice versa, idk the specifics.
  21. It's not that they were removed, just, they were never added. In fact, the devs do not reuse code in the rom, they just extract graphical assets, strings, stuff like that. Anything that's copyrighted and can't go into the pokemmo client download. And then they do their best to accurately recreate the games entirely from scratch. It's not like pokemmo is a slightly edited romhack running in a gba emulator. It's built from scratch. (At least, that is my understanding). As for why they're waiting so long to add them, this discussion is literally like seven or eight years old. Same reason we don't have any real catchable legendaries. They were like 'we're gonna add dungeons as a new primary farmable endgame content'. Legendaries and hidden abilities are being 'saved' as rewards for a big update like that. They dont wanna just be like "hey here's ability capsule you can buy it with BP', but make you actually play the game. Unfortunately, it's been like a decade since they said they were doing this, so if they aren't close to completion, they may as well just roll out already. The christmas and new year dungeons are some sort of prototype for these infamous dungeons i think.
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