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  1. Honestly I think Hit will be aiding Universe 7, but not so sure about him facing off against Jiren. Unless Jiren just insta-beats(Not as in thrown out the ring) him and Goku has to take over. I think it will be: Goku VS Jiren Vegeta VS Toppo Hit VS Dyspo/Kahseral or something. Also Dyspo looks so familiar to Beerus and fat Beerus. Still waiting for a scene where Vegeta will whoop the Universe 6 saiyans for dat disrespekk
  2. Honestly, it's either Vegeta or Gohan who are going to shine. Atleast, I hope so, they are the ones who actually deserve it. @97 Also fuck those Universe 6 trash saiyans lmao they're gonna get bagged Also tribute to Robbie Rotten who only has a couple days to live apparently. :( Replace:
  3. I'm just glad you guys didn't really kill the team. LYLE #1 from the heavens.
  4. Forums has been made for this. This is the real end-game content. Now is anybody going to try and get more notifications than that? I don't think so Bro9.
  5. bby those assholes didn't even consider us smh Also yubel #1
  6. Trynna get some respekk on my boi X, he the real OG that came up with forum meta's.
  7. My mom didn't love me neither, but ur just bad Coolio.
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