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  1. Well I mean, I tried installing QQ, couldn't. Tried installing WeChat, which I managed to do, but you need a chinese person to help you set up your account. Sooooo it really is a problem that has no solution. Everything is just in chinese since China has no need to translate anything, which is a big problem for foreigners. I know what you mean DD: but the most spoken language in all the communities is english, in my team there's people from everywhere but we all have to speak english for communication, it is what it is... there's no other language that most people can speak. . . :((
  2. I'm 99% sure you DON'T get a warning. ONLY because the name of the pokémon doesn't change in battle so I assume you don't get a warning. AND ALSO! I asked a guy who also found a shiny zorua, and he told me he clicked on a move like earthquake (Attacks all the horde) and he said it DIDN'T give him a warning. But again, if a mod or someone could come down from heaven and say yes or no, it would calm down all of us lol
  3. 37 - TongXingLianMao Maybe if I'm higher than @xGrimz I can win
  4. I want it but can't afford it
  5. Found this on a random bilibili video, does anyone know if there's a mod like this lying around in the forums?
  6. Yeah I should add this spot! ♥ Ty for the tip, imma write it next to it ♥
  7. DUUUDE I ACTUALLY WANT A MINUN TOO it's just sooo cool and underrated 💞💞💞💞💞
  8. I really think this old animation was really really cool, wouldn't it be cool to have it again with our characters? Cmon, you know it would look pretty cool. This was the video I was watching, idk I just found it lol.
  9. Just get a chinese name like me and you'll get ez shinies. No pero migo no te preocupes, hay gente que tiene mucha mala suerte, y hay gente que llega hasta los 150K ENCUENTROS solo por un shiny. Igual aparte, yo creo que sumando TODOS tus encuentros en total llegas como mucho a 30K o más quizá, pero no te creas que por pasarte todas las regiones tenés como 100K encuentros, porque no es asi, suben muy pocos a menos que estés horas y horas buscando hordas. Si querés un shiny te tenés que poner a buscar todos los días hordas (Obvio que si son x5 y con Bayas Zanamas es mucho más rápido, pero aunque no lo parezca ya con hordas x3 es MUY muy lento).
  10. Sorry but... even if you don't give an ETA, or announce something, people will just get demotivated and stop playing, like it's happening with a lot of players, appart from the fact that player retention is pretty bad in this game. . .
  11. Even then, even if the oldest characters are from today 10 years ago, we as players were told that the anniversary was one date, then another date, and another date, and another date. It's completely fine if you need to take longer time for the event, we're not devs and we could understand that. But fact that they weren't accurate at ALL with the deadlines or anniversary dates... Idk, we just needed better communication from the dev team and everything would've been better, and that would allow us to be more comprehensive.
  12. Yeah that looks really cool, I really hope we get pokemon mounts in gameeee In ANOTHER online pokemon game I have a Luxray mount lol
  13. If today 06/18 we don't get the update, I'm gonna have to give you 50K since we betted DDD: oh naww UPDATE: Well of course I fucking lost ?
  14. Even tho some legendaries get automatically registered on the Pokédex, I do think that this is a very very good idea, and it's also something very veeery small to add, can't cause any problems or anything. It's just pressing A and hearing a cry, then hey, pokédex. Sadly I don't think they will ever add it, these small suggestions that are just QOL improvements never get added, and never will :(( That doesn't matter at all, people want them just for collection, not for anything else. You don't catch pokemon ONLY for PvP, you can catch them for many other reasons, and a reason for having a legendary would be collecting. And you may think that's dumb, but as an old player, I do appreciate my first Aerodactyl which I got back in 2014 and my other many first pokemon. Personally I really think It would have been really cool to have a really old legendary pokémon as a memory or collection for myself.
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