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The Food Thread


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This has been long overdue and I doubt that I'm the only one who looks at food corn (11/10 PG) when I'm hungry. So let us compile together delicious food of any country and let us feast \o/




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1 minute ago, MPDH said:

My fav restorant in my town, L'entrecote, top quality meat and a divine sauce ! (and sorry Teddi)



But you better go there early :/ (yes this is the actual waiting line for the restorant)


omg take me there pls, let's wait in line an hour or two before it even opens so that we can get first dibs xD

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1 minute ago, MPDH said:

Do the flight company accept pokeyens ? Because otherwise it's gonna be complicated x)

I mean if Bitcoin rose up to stardom then I'm sure Pokeyen would too with enough advertisement ;)

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