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The Food Thread


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4 hours ago, Spaintakula said:

Who the hell eats salmon AND sausages in the same meal. Even worse, those look like the plainest sausages ever. Spend a bit more, get a bratwurst or some shit

Me, and the sausages were just generic store-bought sausages in a can so of course they were plain, I was just starting to cook back then and I was too poor and lazy, I can definitely do better now lol


Still was good enough for me to eat at the time though, I am very easy to please with food if it fits within my diet's boundaries xD 

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made some onion, mushroom, sauage gravy to go on mashed potatoes with some queso fresco. cooked sausage then slow cooked the onions and mushrooms in the fat and some butter for a hour and added flour and garlic for a few minutes of cooking then the beef stock and a bit of milk and spices and sauces. turned out better then any gravy i have had before whish i had some donko shitake to go in this





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1 hour ago, fredrichnietze said:

made some onion, mushroom, sauage gravy to go on mashed potatoes with some queso fresco.

Damn, that looks and sounds like such a comforting dish to eat with family members after a long/hard day at work ?

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I don't know what is more impressive, the food or his nice chopstick skills compared to mine (then again anyone has better chopstick skills than me lol)

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