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[Art] [Shop] Bunnaiii's Art Burrow (Open)

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Hey there, stranger.

Do you find yourself in a rather bland environment, looking to bring life into the atmosphere once again?

How about looking to find some original content to bring your posts and profile pictures to a better light to the public?

Or just to have a silly concept or sketch to laugh amongst your peers?

Luckily for you, I have the ability to lend you a hand in those particular tasks!
For a very low price range of 25k~175k , you can find yourself in possession of some art from yours truly depending on what you would like!

A very fine offer if I must say so myself ;)

Keep in mind I am not particularly skilled in drawing everything, and you have the choice to purchase a slot or not. If you purchase an art piece from me and wish to edit it in any manner, please let me know in advance so I am aware and can say if it’s alright to so or not if I am not able to edit it in the way you would like it to be modified.

I have the right to accept or decline any incoming requests towards my way that may be out of my comfort zone or I am unable to draw. Such things I will not draw for example are

NSFW (Obvious Reasons)
Gore (don’t know how to draw that lmao)
Hate Pieces on Race, Religion, Sexuality, etc.
Over Complicated Backgrounds/Animation

These are not all the things I am not willing to draw, but simply asking me will help to figure out if I am or not. Feel free to private message me on forums, write down in the comments below, or message me on discord (PuwpyBunCreations.#6422) with the following form filled out and we can discuss a price for you to pay or I can answer any questions you may have for me. A fair note the more you pay, the more effort will be put into the art piece unless specifically requested otherwise.

Request Form

Art Request:
Image Reference:
Preferred Poses:
Extra Notes:

Art Examples



Sketchy Examples

Full Color Examples


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