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Changelog: 21/09/2021


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Changelog: 25/09/2021



  • Added a Quick Summary button for PvP
  • Team Name Change Plaques are now available in the Gift Shop


  • Randoms is now more picky with how it selects new teams
    • No more than 2 of the worst possible tiers of species can be selected (either Unown/Ditto or Lv83, currently) at the same time
    • No more than 2 of the same typing can be selected at the same time
    • No more than 1 of a dual typing combination can be selected at the same time (i.e. Fire/Flying may not select another Fire/Flying, though pure-typed Fire/Fire may select another pure-typed as long as it abides by the former rule)
  • Randoms now reduces Attack stats if the party member has no valid attacking moves
  • When reducing Speed in Randoms due to Trick Room/Gyro Ball/Metal Burst, IVs are now reduced too
  • Randoms BP rewards were reduced from half of normal matchmaking to 30%
  • Fortnightly rewards for Randoms will have reduced quantities next cycle
  • Party members with Pursuit, Arena Trap, and Shadow Tag will no longer be selected as leads for a randoms team
  • Many Randoms builds have been updated to suck less


Bug Fixes

  • Mooncakes now live in the Medicine pocket
  • Rocky Helmet will now always retaliate for at least 1 damage
  • Fixed an issue where parties would broadcast incorrect slots during some actions
  • Fixed an issue where some Mac hardware had extremely low fps
  • Fixed an issue where the numkeypad's Enter button wouldn't correctly Enter things
  • Fixed an issue where accounts could become stuck during login
  • Fixed Sinnoh's Sprayduck
  • Disable is now reset on Baton Pass
  • Switching a poison-type into Toxic Spikes no longer pretends that all entry hazards were despawned
  • Fixed a rare client crash during team preview


For further feedback on the Randoms game mode, please see:


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