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  1. Hi, bypassing integrity checks on our apps will result in a ban. We're hoping to have theme support for android soon.
  2. Relogging having an advantage is something we are very much against. This is directly consistent with us wanting to add gym shortcuts.
  3. Changelog: 28/12/2023 Changes: Added extra confirmation step when releasing certain valuable monsters. Removed L + CTRL + SHIFT release shortcut.
  4. You were not banned for your modded switch. You were banned because you bought from a RMT vendor multiple times. This was the reply you received to your appeal:
  5. Desu

    Changelog: 19/10/2023

    Changelog: 26/10/2023 Miscellaneous: Improvements to Android's autoclicker prevention to avoid several false positives on certain Android versions.
  6. Hi, your account was manually banned for botting while on Windows. This is not related to any tampering checks. Please open a ban appeal on http://support.pokemmo.com
  7. Your issue was resolved as best as our support staff can. You are able to play the game by disabling (not even uninstalling) the service. Harassing our support staff because you don't like the answer aint it, chief.
  8. Applications which intentionally send automated click events to PokeMMO are not compatible with PokeMMO. Applications which are coded incorrectly and accidentally send automated click events to PokeMMO are also not compatible with PokeMMO. You may chose to disable these applications while you play PokeMMO or simply not play PokeMMO.
  9. This has so far been a very successful rollout of a new preventative anticheat system. Less than 3% of players who have logged in since the update have been kicked off due to it, and most of them have been able to resolve the issue by following the instructions provided. So far, we've identified a few apps which are incorrectly coded which makes them look like an autoclicker. The ones we've noted are ad skippers which hijack all apps / surveillance software (e.g. for parental monitoring of kids). We recommend anyone affected by this to follow the instructions here and disable everything to determine if they have a misbehaving application we haven't identified.
  10. Desu

    Changelog: 19/10/2023

    Changelog: 21/10/2023 Bug Fixes Fixed several iOS crashes. Miscellaneous: Added a more detailed message for players kicked for Client Tampering.
  11. Please donate 1 lab coat to the guard to be allowed to enter.
  12. Automatic updates aren't an option on iOS due to iOS limitations.
  13. Desu

    Changelog: 28/04/2023

    Changelog: 05/05/2023 PC UI Refresh Overall improvements to ui/ux Ability to drag multiple monsters into party Desktop will hide duplicate party window Fixed dragging interaction not working in certain circumstances Updated name filters to allow punctuation Improved compatibility with sprite mods Features Added "Only Shiny" hatching animation option. Added the ability to flip the sprite in monster summary Bug Fixes Fixed Out Of Memory Error when importing mods on Android/iOS Fixed text input display for certain Android Devices Various stability fixes Fixed overworld snow effect
  14. Hi, please try making another appeal ticket now.
  15. Hi, it should be working again now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. Player appearance loading was optimized during the latest update. Everyone's equipped items did not show to others until they were changed. This was one of the optimizations which let us increase the server capacity.
  17. A small bug fix client update has been released: Bug Fixes: Mobile: Multiple improvements to native keyboard integration. Fixed crash users experienced with ANGLE enabled in 3d regions. Fixed breeding dialog drag-and-drop.
  18. PokeMMO does not offer support to end-of-life Windows versions.
  19. The GTL shouldn't scroll, it has X listings per page. Stop using newlines.
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