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Indigo Plateau, a Team for Everyone

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In need of a team? Look no further.

Indigo Plateau is a community of passionate trainers from all over the world. Whether you're a Competitive Player, a Shiny Hunter, or just casually progressing through story; whether you're a Veteran or a Newbie; this is the team for you. Discord Server, Team Events, Giveaways, Forums Club, Shiny Showcase. Improve your PokeMMO experience by meeting new people with similar interests.

Comment below with your in-game name and join us now!


Requirements: 18+ years of age

Leader: CanadaSorry
Executives: Sinisterserpant, MrSamuyilHyde, EagleJP, LadyLily, SacredDiver, UltimateAsriel, skaterian, Sheeesssh, ScottTobi, Knightee, Matchoox, STRonika, Hjortsson, ScottTobi, OFIQE, TC



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9 hours ago, TimeStop said:

any invites or anything going to go out? or any effort?

Hello TimeStop. We aplogize for the delay. We have reached out to you privately with instructions on how you can join us. 🙂


Toki wa ugokidasu.


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