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[OpTc] Team Optic is recruiting!

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Who are we?

We're a friendly group of players from all over the world, and looking for new friends to join our community! We frequently organize exciting catching and shiny-hunting events, along with occasional tournaments. Throughout the day, you'll find numerous Shiny Charms active, and there's always a lively community of people online who are eager to chat and connect!



Boss: Ploegy
Executives: Robbinho, Requi
Commanders: HEARTEATERS, PinkWings, Undel

Check out our Shiny Showcase here:


Our requirements

- Active & Friendly 

- English Speaking in in-game chat 

- At least 400 hours played

- Four regions completed

If you're interested in joining, contact us, or leave a message below!

Robbinho: @Robbinho, Discord: Piescale#8835 or piescale
Requi: @Requi, LeviRequiem#9394 or levirequiem

Undel: @undel, Discord: undel#9777 or undel


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Staff changes, requirement changes
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Hi! I would like to Join! I have all Regions Completed and i'll try my best to be active in the comunity.
I still dont know my definitive goal in PokeMMO, But im making some PVP teams to see if i like that.
I only have 1 OT Shiny.

I Live in Brazil(UTC-3).

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Hello! Very interested in joining. Started playing in 2018 and completed Unova but recently came back and started a new character. Working on the E4 in Kanto and really enjoying the game. I am online daily and love the PVE aspect of this game the most (shiny hunting, world events, etc.).


Looking for a team with similar interests and this seemed like a great fit.


In-game name is KingJBS.



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  • Robbinho changed the title to [OpTc] Team Optic is recruiting!

ign is qbry

was in 1 team before but it went inactive so looking for another

have all regions complete 1k+ hours and 2 ot shinies currently hunting chansey

i play daily for multiple hours a day

active in discord as well

Screenshot 2023-07-29 220902.png

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Hello! I'm a newish player that just finished all regions. I'm currently looking for a community to play with so I'm interested in joining your team!

I currently have 2 OT Shinies

IGN: iyusu

Timezone: JST (GMT +9)


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Hello 👋 

I played for years, have finished all regions and actually Work in finnisch the Pokédex Till jotho comes. 

Searching for a good activ Team with own Events. So i want to Join 🙂

IGN: Nostalgar

Timezone: GMT(+2) Germany 


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I would love to join your team and meet the community. I've been actively playing for about 1-2 years and have finished Unova and Sinnoh. I've been chronically addicted to leppa berry farming and I'm down to meet new people! (I've never gotten a shiny though, been trying to get a shiny litwick for my SO for so long)

IGN: AvocadoSoju
Timezone: PST UTC-08:00

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I would love to join this team! I’ve played pokeMMO a while ago, but I started playing again about a month ago and I am at 221 hours played right now and 2 OT shinies! I finished Unova, Kanto and Hoenn and am currently working on johto.

IGN: Jonassie

Timezone: CET (+1) Netherlands

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I'm a solo player who is currently looking for a community to play with. I joined PokeMMO about a year ago to have a nostalgia trip and ended up getting hooked. I have completed three regions (Hoenn, Unova, Sinnoh) and am currently wrapping up Kanto. I was introduced to your team by a lovely individual known as FelisC while Ditto trading. I look forward to playing with you all.


  • IGN: Hadvarr
  • Timezone: EDT (UTC -4)



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On 8/22/2023 at 6:56 AM, bettybojangles89 said:

been looking for a active team for a while one of the members told me to look on forums all regions done. IGN bettybojangles  BST: British 


black football helmet with power level scouter is the best look ive seen on this game

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