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45 minutes ago, Linfanz said:

Name: Linfanz

Team (optional): MéTá

Background (optional): Whatever works xD

Pokemon/Character: Steelix and Shiny Steelix


Thanks in advance man!


it was normal or shiny but is not good together

hope you'll like it anyway

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On 8/22/2018 at 10:25 PM, ShadowBruhh666 said:

Name: ShadowRennagan

 Team (optional): WinD

Background (optional): Anything

Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Gyarados


9 hours ago, Diano said:

Name: Diano

Team (optional):

Background (optional): Something it suits the render

Render (Pokemon/Character): Okabe Rintaro with his labcoat if possible (from Steins;gate)


Thanks, I'll donate you something if I like the signature


8 hours ago, DaftCoolio said:

can i get a shiny claydol sig?



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I know you're not doing these anymore, but if you ever come back, I'd rly appreciate it as a relatively new player ;-; Taking my chances and leaving it here cause I freaking love LeZenor's one!!


Name: Dibbzzz

Type of artwork: Animated Sig Pls <3

Color: Green/Dark Green/Black?

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