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Winners of 1st Team Tournament - Cup of the Year [2019]

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Competitive Team
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  2. como pasa el tiempo , quien esta pendiente de las nuevas actualizaciones por venir ?
  3. Nidoqueen - Sand Tomb, Mud Shot, Rock Blast, Hex Nidoking - Sand Tomb, Mud Shot, Rock Blast, Hex Smoochum - Charm, Draining Kiss (only Smoochum has this as a new move), Encore, Stored Power Jynx - Icicle Spear, Psycho Cut, Future Sight Omanyte - Sand Attack Omastar - Crunch, Pin Missile Kabuto - Leech Life, Stone Edge (only Kabuto has this as a new move), Rock Blast Kabutops - Psycho Cut, Cross Poison, Razor Shell Aerodactyl - Rock Blast, Dragon Dance, Hurricane Dratini - Giga Impact (only Dratini has this as a new move), Fire Spin, Hydro Pump Dragonite - Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Air Slash Zubat - Assurance, Agility, Crunch Crobat - Hex, Hurricane Treecko - Assurance, Slash, Night Slash (only Treecko has this as a new move) Sceptile - Cross Poison, Dragon Dance Torchic - Detect, Flare Blitz (only Torchic has this as a new move), Assurance Combusken - Blaze Kick (only Combusken has this as a new move), Revenge Blaziken - U-turn, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Heat Crash Mudkip - Supersonic, Amnesia, Screech Marshtomp - Sand Tomb Swampert - Bulk Up Lairon - Sand Tomb, Rock Blast Aggron - Scary Face, Hydro Pump, Crunch Swablu - False Swipe Altaria - Fire Spin, Hurricane Lileep - Wrap, Mud Shot, Rock Blast Cradily - Leech Seed, Dig, Power Whip Anorith - Mud Shot Armaldo - Shadow Claw Absol - Focus Energy, Air Slash, Close Combat Sealeo - Icicle Spear Walrein - Swords Dance, Hydro Pump, Heavy Slam Bagon - Iron Defense (only Bagon has this as a new move) Salamence - Air Slash, Hurricane Beldum - Tackle Metang - Self-Destruct, Psycho Cut, Cosmic Power Spiritomb - Night Shade, Payback, Hex Gible - Bite Elekid - Charge Electabuzz - Uproar Electivire - Weather Ball Magby - Flame Wheel, Scary Face, Low Kick (only Magby has this as a new move) Magmar - Screech, Focus Energy, Uproar, Flare Blitz Magmortar - Weather Ball Audino - Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Giga Impact, Body Slam, Endure Tirtouga - Mud Shot, Rock Blast, Endure, Muddy Water Carracosta - Razor Shell Archen - Swift, Rock Blast, Assurance, Endure Archeops - Air Slash Cryogonal - Self-Destruct, Icicle Spear, Avalanche, Endure
  4. cuando te das cuenta de que se trata el evento de halloween
  5. que triste que cada publicacion sea para que no nos borren el club
  6. ty bro <3 now if you are the best 15 years player
  7. Felicitaciones a cada uno que es parte de este gran team, que pese a todos nuestros problemas lo supimos llevar adelante y estamos acá tras 3 años demostrando que somos uno de los mejores equipos, juntos traigamos mas premios a nuestra family. Los TKM chavales/as :* LØRÐ FOREVER Insert sprite_tito.jpg https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/ttcoty

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