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  1. porygon is not played bold but lets say it does u would have only 1 counter for dnite and in the teams u dont run porygon u will have to sack 1 mon each turn that it comes in u dont really know what moveset infernape runs u can only be certain of it running cc fire coverage hp ice which leaves room for either grass knot/stone edge to hit either chande or jelli so u cant say either is a counter to infernape because they cant reliable do so they are called checks NP hydre beats all the checks u listed for it bar mienshao which u can run acrobatics(not saying this is good) to ohko or even superpower to 2hko making hydreigon a pokemon with no counters either mixed mence can pretty much 2hko everything besides chansey life orb loom 2hkos amoongus with zen headbutt and after rocks cc+zh is a roll to ohko altho its very unlikely toxicroak/amongus both get 2hkod by crunch reuniclus can carry thunder to deal with spiritomb but it cant beat sableye because of prankster if u want a decent check to deal with gallade u can try bulky mence which is faster than adamant and lives +1 lo psycho cut but u have to be careful of ice punch just like every other mon that has a movetool to deal with all its checks rendering it uncounterable
  2. infernape, hydreigon, dnite, mence, reuniclus, breloom now with cc, crawdaunt and more that i cant remember, and before u say jellicent is a counter to infernape check learnsets and no pory doesnt beat mixed dnite
  3. as pachima already said many ou mons have no counters, what does push gallade over the edge?
  4. gallade can also be trapped easily by both dugtrio and pursuit users so at best it will kill 1 mon vs stall and proceed to get trapped
  5. gallade is slow and frail and there are a lot of fighting options, i dont think its going to be ou let alone op in the tier
  6. it was a reversed list i was right all along smh
  7. IGN: kiwikidd Tiers: SS LC
  8. ArtOfKilling vs Elvessss min 300k up to 1m Ziomoji vs LifeStyle min 1M up to 10M AngeloDLZ vs Luke min 300k up to 1M Zokuru vs NikhilR min 1M up to 10M MadaraSixSix vs TheLpz min 3m up to 20M
  9. man do u realise that if he is losing he can disconnect and u are saved from paying the bet? the dc clausule is stupid and shouldnt be allowed on bets
  10. sorry for double post but cant edit the previous one only void if sub, void if dc is easy to abuse so i wont take that neither the fact one of the teams won if after one team wins u want to cancel the bet its fine but if they play and u didnt say anything the bet still counts
  11. How is it possible that you come up with this shit in a daily basis?
  12. 1. Quinn 2.PBC 3.Latios 4.Pablo 5.Queest 6.Cristi 7.Shadow 8.Azphiel Everyone has a good squad but imo the first 3 are above the rest
  13. I don't see how Hippowdon barely living cc from hera means the mon restricts offense, also one mon restricting one playstyle doesnt mean the mon should be banned, the playstyle should adapt, otherwise please ban toge and craw, they restrict stall a lot (jk with the ban thing)
  14. Contrary, defiant and competitive nerfs are fake
  15. I'd rather be able to watch games that I've missed than give a prize to a loser
  16. People recording videos do more for the event than anyone else, and tbh 3rd place shouldnt recieve any prize, only 1st and 2nd
  17. So you are saying that the guys who make possible for the others to watch games should lose their time for free? Yeah good idea if you want to have less than 5% of games recorded. Also a fee to participate increases prize pool, whats wrong with it?
  18. IGN: kiwikidd Country: Morocco Tiers: OU Discord: kiwi#1230
  19. Way better than no HA at all
  20. Did they send the money or it was a bluff?
  21. take, send the money to Incognition as our middleman I'll take this too, sry for double post
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