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  1. IGN: Lunarck Country : Madagascar tiers: all wallah Discord: Lunarc#9074 Fluff : I play for African's nation zebi
  2. IGN: Lunarck Pref tier: all Discord: Lunarc#9074
  3. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered players : MadaraSixSix Azphiel Tawla Jgaw Smadagos pauleee Schuchty Jaawax TheDH EVLGOON Zozomgl Stelian Agrat Mkns gbwead Lunarck kamimii Awaxgoku Team Captain: Lunarck
  4. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Lunarck,Mkns, gbwead,MadaraSixSix, Azphiel, Tawla, Jgaw, Smadagos, pauleee, Schuchty, Jaawax , TheDH , EVLGOON, Zozomgl, Stelian, Agrat Team Captain: Lunarck
  5. Take JuanMarcos, Heichicoda and Akaru's duels
  6. What IS your ign @Toxicz? I already have paid Naga and Year but i can't mail you your money xd
  7. Team name : Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÄ] Registered players: Mkns, gbwead,Madara, Zokuru, Azphiel, Lunarck, Jaawax, Awaxgoku, Luke, Tawla, Jgaw, Wallaro, Stelian, EVLGOON, Zozomgl, TheDH Team Captain: Lunarck
  8. 1M mienfoo win this week, void if tie
  9. ign:Lunarck tier: all discord: Lunarc#9074
  10. siammese took my bet (in discord) sorry @Coge he took before you xd
  11. IGN:Lunarck Country: Africa Preferred tiers: all Discord:Lunarc#9074
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