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  1. Hello, Please make sure you are trying to login in the correct account, username and character name are different things. It seems that the character you are looking for is in another account. If you need more help, you can contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com/ logging in with one of you game accounts and explaining the situation. We cannot provide help for account issues outside of the support platform. Not always I'm able to help with account recoveries, especially when the user doesn't have access to the email registered and doesn't remember username/password, but I will see what I can do in your case. Thanks! - Hola, Asegúrese de que está intentando iniciar sesión en la cuenta correcta, el nombre de usuario y el nombre del personaje son cosas diferentes. Parece que el personaje que buscas está en otra cuenta. Si necesita más ayuda, puede comunicarse con nosotros en https://support.pokemmo.com/ iniciando sesión con una de sus cuentas de juego y explicando la situación. No podemos proporcionar ayuda para problemas de cuenta fuera de la plataforma de soporte. No siempre puedo ayudar con las recuperaciones de cuentas, especialmente cuando el usuario no tiene acceso al email registrado y no recuerda el nombre de usuario/contraseña, pero veré qué puedo hacer en su caso. ¡Gracias!
  2. Hello! When you say the game crashes, do you receive any error messages or the game just closes? If you receive an error message saying "Fatal Render Error", click on "yes" and you can either submit the error report number to me or contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com/ with your game account on Support Request > Client Crash. With this information, the Support team might be able to detect what is causing this issue. If the game simply closes, please check if you have enough memory/RAM available in your device. If you would like further help, contact us on the link above, we would need more information from you. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just posting it here as well ^^
  4. The dpad was removed because it caused many issues, such as players not being able to use Fly to some locations. You should be able to tap on routes on NDS regions, but not on GBA. This is a bug, not how we intended it to be, and it will be fixed as soon as possible. If this happened a couple minutes ago, the server was online but closed for new logins because we were about to close it again.
  5. Hi! We are aware of the difficulties that mobile player are having with this change and this will be addressed as soon as possible for this event. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Welcome back, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!
  7. Hi, please contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com using your game account to login. We are not sure what could have caused this but I'll investigate further once you make a ticket on Support Request about this issue. Thanks! If you are using bluetooth connection, please try usb and see if this fixes the problem. We are currently having some issues with bluetooth controllers. If this is not the issue that is affecting you, please contact us on the link I sent as well. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I imagine you are using ANGLE renderer to play. This is an issue we are investigating, unfortunately there isn't anything we can suggest to fix this at the moment. I apologize for the inconvenience. - ¡Hola! Imagino que estás usando el renderizador ANGLE para jugar. Este es un problema que estamos investigando, lamentablemente no hay nada que podamos sugerir para solucionarlo en este momento. Pido disculpas por las molestias.
  9. Hi! I can't say I heard anything about this issue, I'd like to investigate further. Can you please contact us on our Support from the account that is having the issue? We are going to need more information. Thanks!
  10. Hi, in what moment do you get this black screen? Does the game close or it just stays in this black screen?
  11. If you are still having the black screen issue after updating as I suggested above, please contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com with your game account and make a ticket on Support Requests so we can investigate this further. Thanks!
  12. If you are using any mods, please try disabling them. If this doesn't solve the crashing issue, contact us on https://support.pokemmo.com/ with the error report number, if you have it. You can get by clicking on "yes" in the error message, if you receive any.
  13. Hello! This issue was dealt with in the ticket you made in our support platform, please check our answer there if you haven't yet. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  14. Hello, this issue was fixed in the last update. Please download the game again from https://pokemmo.com/downloads/android/ and install it, this should fix the black screen issue. Also reminder to always add an english translation to your posts, it's part of the forum's rules. Thanks!
  15. Hello! We are investigating this issue, it should be fixed soon. Please avoid holding the A or any other buttons, short pressing them should avoid this issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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