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  1. Hi, You can login on support.pokemmo.com with your game account and make a support request on "character recovery" if the character was deleted less than 3 months ago. Not always we can restore deleted characters, but we can take a look and see if we can help in your case. - Hola, Puedes iniciar sesión en support.pokemmo.com con tu cuenta del juego y realizar una solicitud de soporte sobre "recuperación del personaje" si el personaje se eliminó hace menos de 3 meses. No siempre podemos restaurar los personajes eliminados, pero podemos echar un vistazo y ver si podemos ayudarte en tu caso.
  2. Hi, You can sell your art as long as you do so through our Creative Media section. You can check https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/forum/32-creative-media/ to see example of shops already open.
  3. Hi, sounds like you're having a connection issue. Try restarting your modem and device, this usually helps. If it doesn't work, test playing with a different device with the same internet or with a different internet in your device, if you have the possibility. That way you can isolate the problem.
  4. Hi, please make sure you are logged in the correct account. This article might help: https://support.pokemmo.com/knowledgebase/article/lost-account
  5. Welcome to PokeMMO’s Team Recruitment section! Here teams can make an announcement recruiting new members for their teams, and players can browse through the announcements to find a team that suits their needs. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section-specific rules we ask you to abide by. Rules about recruitment announcement: 1. List the team leader, current executive(s) and commander(s), and requirements to join the team in the main post. Example 1: Example 2: Ideas for optional content: 1. List of team members 2. Screenshot(s) of team members/events 3. Videos about the team 4. Shiny showcase 2. For non-english speaking teams, the post can be made in your language but an english title and translation in spoiler will be required, as well as a tag with your language in the title. Example: 3. Keep your thread's title reasonable! This means: No excessive use of caps, punctuation, or special characters No more than 60 characters (not counting tags) Examples of titles that won't be allowed: Examples of allowed titles: 4. Only team leaders, executives or commanders may create the thread. For moderation purposes, the thread will be removed if posted by any team member who isn't in one of the mentioned required ranks in the team. 5. If the team is full or not recruiting anymore, the title needs to be edited to add [Closed] in the beginning. Example: 6. Threads that are inactive for 2 months or more will be removed. If you wish to restore your thread after it was removed, contact one of the moderators of this section. 7. If the thread owner leaves the team or becomes inactive, the current leader or executive must contact a Team Recruitment Moderator to create a new thread. Thread ownership cannot be transferred. You may copy the content of the previous thread, update it or create a new one. Rules about activity in the threads: 1. Only one thread may be open at one time per team. Main teams and their extension teams will be considered as one team for recruitment. If team Cheese is full and creates team Cheese2 to recruit more players, both need to be mentioned in the same thread. If team Cheese2 did not exist when the recruitment announcement of Cheese was posted, the thread needs to be edited to include team Cheese2 in the description. 2. Bumping is accepted as long as: There is a cooldown of 24 hours after a bump for the next one, including from different members. You only bump your own team's recruitment thread. The team is not already full or recruitment is paused for any reason. Examples of bumps: 3. Posts that do not contribute to the team's recruitment will be considered spam and dealt with accordingly to our policy. This also includes posts on rival teams or any toxic behavior. Respect is required. Final considerations: 1. The PokeMMO Code of Conduct as well as the general forum rules will be applied in this section with no exceptions. 2. If you would like to remove your thread, send a private message to one of the Team Recruitment Moderators mentioned at the end of this post and change the title of your thread to "Please Remove". 3. It is always in our best interest to attend to your requests quickly, but we might be busy attending to other requests or tasks. Please be patient, we will answer as soon as we can. 4. If you would like to report a player who is disrespecting the rules, please contact a Team Recruitment Moderator through direct message in the forum linking the post you want to report. 5. For any suggestions, issues or questions about this section, please contact a Team Recruitment Moderator through direct message. 6. No cheese was harmed during the creation of this post. Special thanks to @Bearminator, who has dedicated his time to help creating this section! Team Recruitment Moderators: @Teddi
  6. We are recommending players to contact Signulous on https://www.signulous.com/support#contact if the problem still persists, but we got a confirmation from a player that it is working now. We will try contacting them as well if we get confirmation the problem still persists. What happened with your ticket on our support was that you sent a ticket saying the same you said on your thread And I had already answered you. There isn't much else we can do to help at the moment other than just ask players to also contact Signulous, I'm sorry.
  7. If you already tried to update with their method and it didn't work, please contact their support: https://www.signulous.com/support#contact If the problem isn't solved through them, please take a screenshot and send to us in a support ticket on https://support.pokemmo.com/ so we can check what can be done. Thank you!
  8. Hi! You need to upload the game in the same way you downloaded it at first. It's basically like downloading the game again.
  9. Teddi

    Forum Update

    Hi, Currently we do not have enough moderators for most of the languages to include one more platform specific for their language. It's not a matter that we don't think about it or we don't have the developers for it, we just don't have the manpower to maintain it. Our staff members are volunteers and have their irl to deal with as well. While the EN forum can be moderated by everyone in staff, language-specific forums would depend on specific moderators. It's not something we are ready to do yet. Maybe in the future, who knows. 🙂
  10. You're welcome! 🙂 I don't have this information, I'm sorry.
  11. Hi, This problem was already fixed but it requires an update for the fix to be implemented in the game. If after the next update you continue to have issues uploading mods, please contact us on support. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  12. Hi! What Seth said is correct for most of the times, but this time is an actual issue we hope to fix in the next update. I apologize for the inconvenience. If after the next update you continue to have issues to use mods, please contact our support.
  13. Hi, can you send a screenshot of it?
  14. Hi, Thief (as well as all moves that steal/swap items) is disabled due to a bug, we're working to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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