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  1. here is mine gloom : ??? Rotom: 8~12 poochyena : 8(random) magnemite: 4830/10153
  2. says the one who gatekeeping for a shiny prize
  3. No u, its a fun event so why not have shiny prizes you play pvp doesn't make you nobler than the other players lmao
  4. its a few month a go and i forgot to post screenshot the whole screen
  5. sry i forgot to screenshot the whole passage on the battle info but it was after i set up sunny day and my typhlosion got hit by blizzard and it got frozen
  6. Wasn't while sunny day weather the pokemon cannot be frozen, or maybe its just empowers fire type moves and weakens the water type moves in the mmo?
  7. Since they are a lot of player who was being a jerk in PVP(staying afk till the PVP timer ends when they knew they are losing ),i hope there is something that could be stopping them from doing this annoying thing(wasting whole three minutes for nothing), but there isn't one so was here to suggest that if they just wait until the PVP timer ends(AFK purposely) their ELO would be deduced more than normal and if they were doing it frequently there is a few days of PVP ban for the person. I am not very good at PVP but this thing is really annoying since you have to wait whole three minutes to play another match or to end that match
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