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  1. Hi kuzeee. ~ At the moment PokeMMO has 4 regions implemented: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. That means that we only have Pokemons from 1st to 5th Gen and for them there are only 17 Types, excluding the Fairy Type. At the moment the game developers do not implement the Fairy Type ... In the future maybe.
  2. I agree with you @majinadam. If it is true that obtaining a Legendary can be somewhat difficult, but for that same reason it is much more interesting. It gives a unique mechanism to PokeMMO, I think that they finish adding all the remaining Legendaries is enough. If it is true that more possibilities will be opened for PvP with the implementation of the Dungeons and the obtaining of the Legendaries for each player, but I still think that the way in which they have kept the Legendaries is perfect, it gives that unique touch to the play.
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