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  1. Hello, There are actually no hidden abilities in the game yet. Not that we can use at least. The only hidden abilities in the game, are the ones npcs have in events like battle frontier. But poison heal gliscor is amazing, and is hands down the best pokemon ever, so I'm in agreement with the excitement.
  2. For anybody who is interested, I will be making this available for android and iphone. (once I figure that out)
  3. Yeah it's a bug, it's not there for me either.
  4. The only way to increase your level cap in the game is to beat gym leaders and the finally the E4.
  5. The crown is stellar on crobat
  6. Shinies don't exist. about to hit 6 months dry. Thank you.
  7. Oh funny thing, I got shiny gastly that didn't use curse cause it was changed and I'm lucky
  8. I'm digging this. Great work! Looks amazing!
  9. Like some said, that's not quite how it works. It's all rng based 1/30,000. What that means is that no matter how many encounters you have, it will always be a 1/30k chance to find one. Think of it like this. You have a jar of marbles with numbers on them starting at 1 going to 30 thousand. You grab 5 at a time each time and then put them back in and pick another 5. Your odds are always going to be 1/30,000 to grab that 1 marble you're looking for. I hope that kind of helps explain how it works ?
  10. 1st Place Picoulo 2nd Place Staknes 3rd Place TheWakingOwl 4th Place jeremlee Thank you everyone for coming! And, thank you to my amazing refs! @MPDH @Bearminator @Cosmooth
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