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  1. 很高兴还有人记得我,这是我没想到的,不过先说明一下我没有出现任何意外,同时也谢谢大家担心! 不来论坛主要因为以下原因: 1.以前无脑水论坛是真的幼稚感到抱歉(主要原因) 2.不方便透露具体,你们努力往不好的方向去猜也可以,迫于压力退出论坛(次要)知道了一些不该知道的事情 ↓ · · · — — · — — ↑ 不过有时候也会上论坛看看,!祝论坛发展越来越好!大家有缘再见! 白白!
  2. Hello Direct transfer of assets to your account will not be sealed, Have a nice day
  3. Hello! It may be a violation of chat rules I wish you a happy life!
  4. 您好!怪物组玩物攻的比较多,推荐固执和爽朗(也有玩特攻的,比如呆呆兽可以用内敛或者大胆) 祝您游戏愉快!
  5. Maybe you can try to understand Chinese, and someone will tell you the location of the bee colony on the channel I wish you a happy life!
  6. Opelucid CityThe supermarket on the left is a good choice. It has most of the items you need I wish you a happy life!
  7. Hello! The eyeball cap is a 2020 halloween limit and is no longer available for purchase with RP, but you can buy it in a trading line
  8. I wish the event a successful conclusion!
  9. Title: The Way home for Halloween Game name: GORsssd Note: I know this work may not be very good, but I still want to enter the competition and try it out
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