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  1. Before it got sharpness it was one of the few fighting types that could compete with Blaziken in the tier.
  2. Shouldn't the council be odd numbered to prevent locks?
  3. As someone that thinks NU is better than sliced bread I feel like most of the BL2 mons are a lot for the tier. Vaporeon and Rhyperior are about the only 2 I could see in it. Maybe Nidoqueen in a test but it would be so wildly diverse in the tier.
  4. Durant is fairly close to the cut off atm. If it falls below is it one of the mons banned from NU?
  5. Why didn't Zoroark move down? Also any updates on the Rhyperior discussion?
  6. Hopefully they follow recent precedent and just ban it in singles.
  7. Though I'm sad Moltres is going to be UU I'm excited to see how my rain Moltres idea is going to pan out.
  8. With a week left before Moltres has their been any idea what tier it'll be placed in?
  9. Should just bring back banning stuff to Ubers instead of trying to fix it.
  10. Why would you ban the move? It would just become NUBL. Otherwise we could have what ever pokemon we wanted in any tier if we banned enough moves. There are options for switch ins against a +2 qwilfish with Quagsire, defensive Qwilfish, haze Golbat ( no rocks of course ). It's also easily revenge killed by a number of special attackers due to its poor special bulk. Theres an off meta option with Eviolite Metang. Not justifying it just adding other possible options. Edit: Also forgot about Ferroseed which would be able to take some pretty serious hits from Qwil and retaliate with a mix of leech seed, gyro ball, and iron barbs.
  11. Can the lower tiers please get some changes to their rewards? getting around 300 wins for a hat sure. However NU and UU both had less than 10,000 matches in December and November. Now sure you can blame the holidays but there's also months well before them that NU is still below 10,000 and UU is passing that by much. Playing unpopular tiers is a choice but not one some of your player base should be punished for.
  12. Speaking of this can we ban acupressure? Lost a ranked match the other day because someone's first 3 uses raised evasion. Might not be as strong as moody with it's inherent boosts but I still has no place in a competitive environment.
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