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  1. I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults. Shigeru Miyamoto 

  2. I think I got permenantley banned from inappropriate chat conduct I thought the mod would just mute me I drank alchohol and said stupid things in the chat, I would like to apologize for whatever it was that gave me a permanent ban I made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, I would like to say I'm not racist in anyway, I think the current events going on in the world have negatively impacted me, corona virus, the riots in the us and all the chaos going on in the world, but damn it just sucks because I have played this game for years and to lose all my pokemon and money and vanity items on character  LightYagame, really sucks

    1. Teddi



      Please make your appeal in this link:

      You need to login with your game account.

      Thank you! ^^

  3. i just finished writing 120 lines of code in python drunk and it all works miraculously

  4. so I'm currently using, hd sprites front and using your 3d mod on back normal, however there is an error when sending out milotic, it shows the graphic of azumarill instead of milotic.
  5. is this compatible with mac/osx I unzipped the files, all I see are vlc sound files when I drag this into the mod folder on my client and it doesn't recognize as well. please post an update for mac users.
  6. I demand the ability to kill prostitutes be programmed into pokemmo similar to grandtheft auto.

  7. does this work on OSX/mac installation steps for mac or mac compatibility?
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