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  1. Count me in, let's see what it's about. It sure sounds interesting tho
  2. I really want to know as well if its still there, those are old records and nothing has been posted ever since.
  3. All of your mentioned pokemon are good, you can't go wrong with any of those. You need to take into consideration that there are different types of pokemon (walls, special attackers, physical attackers...) and work your team around that. Also to have pokemons that cover eachother's weaknesses (eg. Milotic and ferro). Also, the more pokemon you have the more you can change and work on your team until you find the right one for you. So the question is not what pokemon to breed, it is how many pokemon to breed.
  4. IGN: DanteGrin Title: No need to be scared of ghosts words: 1488 without the title. I had trouble staying inside the words frame, but I made it somehow.
  5. Not only that hes the best boss, but hes also the best breeder! go #spxtersfamily
  6. Everything is closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please stay safe and stay at home.
  7. Just wanted to say thank you Teddi for hosting this, i always loved this kind of events but never had much time for writing because of IRL stuff, now with this unfortunate situations I have much more free time (due to quarantine in my country). I can also see the increase in event numbers, so maybe we can have one more writing event to have something to do with all this free time? :3
  8. Wingull would be nice, ill take care of her and well be just like mr briney and peeko xd And also congratz on Athena :D
  9. It has JUST occured to me, but maybe it's unaccessible because they have something planned for it, like, i don't know, dungeons? It can serve as a place from where you enter dungeons, look for a party and such. Kinda makes you think.
  10. You need to get the ROMs that are requiered to play the game. Black/White is requiered and it's for Unova region, Fire Red is optional and it's for Kanto region, Emerald is optional and it's for Hoenn region, Heart Gold/Soul Silver is optional as well and it's to make your graphics better. So when you get all the ROMs that you want you just click 'Select File' and add it to the client and well you're all ready to go and have fun! Best of luck on your pokemon jurney!
  11. That sounds interesting for sure, but from previous experience it's highly unlikely that they'll do that (change the pokemon's colour). It has never been done before. Also, I think that it's really hard to do that. On the other hand, it would be possible to add some Easter particles, maybe even some limited or seasonal vanities, but I think that event is not happening. I think so because I think that Kyu said somewhere that having 3 events a year is maybe too much (I might be wrong tho). But catching some wild exeggcute with particles would be fun for sure.
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