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  1. this reason is what make me stopped playing a game so i totally agree, i hasn't heard from them for years, no communicating nothing no news update at all.
  2. Scientist believe mirage island is only real if you believe it in existence world, therefore question is it real? answer is no cause its all just a dream/illusion, if you play original game, only npc who sees mirage island in their own eye are illusion, i dont think pokemmo actually have mirage island to access there as much as we wanna know if it real or not, i actually never seen mirage island expect you can use cheat code to go there in original game.
  3. whats issue you having against ice gym? i had no issue since ive been doing speedrun with right team, i find it ice gym is a jokes but what kind issue you having problem? your high levels are dying? or cant counter? or cant use any other pokemon to backup? or ? what i mean right team is ive been using Empoleon and nidoking and krook and staraptor and magneton and jellicent to beat them doing storyline unless you talking about level 100 rematch version. now currently im using nidoking and empoleon and swampert and scraggy and litwick and dodrio on my team i still dont have issue since i've already figured how to counter and sacrifice 1 pokemon (i got no tank to keep it alive then switch) to backup from any status problem that i might die (paralyze or frozen or poison or sleep kills me more than burn do )
  4. you realize they did it to fix economy issue? having consumable amulet coin/lucky egg made bit less problem than held item it makes more issue and rich people get richer, so... "The creators of PokéMMO have recently changed how the Amulet Coin and Lucky Egg work. They are now consumable items, which goes completely against the spirit of the games. They've also eliminated the Luck Incense's money gain. This has caused me, and probably plenty of other players, to completely lose interest in PokéMMO. These changes were completely unnecessary and have no reason to exist." they did to eliminated lucky egg/amulet coins as to make money, is that issue? yes. why? economy. which is imo to make money people do this to make billion dollars over probably 2-8 alts so they can hold that much to control economy, which is big issue so devs decide to balance the economy they dont want certain item to overflow price controlled by rich people, ( maybe im wrong about it but i can see developers their perceptive point of view why they changed it so i say this economy is fair enough than pre nerf therefore if you're upset about this changes maybe its time to move on)
  5. im getting this error i decide to uninstall it like "devs you really want us to upgrade everything and rename desktop/etc and update latest java" this update stinks 100%
  6. this kind of suggestion i can see wont make anything to solve problem at all, no matter what you do how you do to make development better and better there's always people out there gonna complain cause you making time limited fashion complete unfair for many stupid reason. putting all the time-limited into pvp mystery box wdym by that? are you planning to add like blue flame skull mask, scythe, kyu hat, desu labcoat, jack of lanturn, knight helmet, etc to rng box? unless you talking about those pvp outfit like sylveon hat or froggy hat or etc, pvp fashion should be in pvp mystery box but rest of time limited events from 2015-2018 cosmetics should never add to this stupid box, cause not all people do pvp but again this might sound good but at same time i dont think people would be happy about this idea. the 5th idea - making increase income that sound interesting idea but does that gonna solve between cons and pro? imo it could be worse or good depending how this gonna work out otherwise not many new player, old player would continue to play this game if this situation just bit out of hands but *shrug*
  7. my first shiny was golduck ( i wasnt even looking for it but i love ducky i guess he came to me and flexing at me)
  8. rival gameplay is kinda hard if you dont have full level cap team sometime it get annoying if you dont know what to do. Gym battle for first time is no difference than original game i find it easy if you have right team they all can be 1 shot it. Elite four is really hard due to level cap than original game, in original there is no level cap you can bring lv80-90 mons ( about 1-3 out of 6 team is doable or solo lv100 is also doable and cheese it. There's problem is with pokemmo were you need good decent team with full 252 ev and right nature can destroy it easily, iv shouldnt matter but imo i kinda care about iv and natured and EV if i wanna go in 1 go 1 shot em all.
  9. if this thing happen prepare for 30-0fps inc its gonna be laggy as hell, rip my potato pc :(
  10. well you have 3 choice: 1: you gotta deal with it, if you cant deal with it then there's nothing you can do, look at me i got 15 non OT shiny and idc if i had unknown OT, why? because its just a game where it takes your soul away. (i live in hell anyway the devil knows i cant find my own shiny because i am pos) 2: just dont buy it at all, just find your own shiny in next 300 years later, if FreckledArseCrack34 found it, you can find it too i believe in you. ( im not joking at all you just gotta keep trying and it takes time) 3: call 911 arrest FreckledArseCrack34 for having this shiny and he's biggest cheater ever and hacking af then blame on pokemmo devs for shiny rate is unfair and rigged.
  11. i disapprove about "OT reset" option, if you buy shinies you dont have outright to change OT to your name, since you're not the one who found this shiny, you did not put effort adding your name to it, and you're not owner of those shiny, you taking away from someone who found shiny and effort to put their time then they decide to sell it but you wanna claim that OT to be your name on it? here a solution (maybe its stupid idea) if you wanna put your name on it, just make visible so you can see it (to yourself) but for everyone else sees "unknown OT" ( if you buy from gtl something thats not yours own shiny) *imagine lying about this shiny then telling others "hey i made this comps and its actually my own shiny" sound like you're the liar trainer* unless im being misreading it
  12. 1 parts for 1 presents were just fine, why changing 3 parts for 1 presents? im not doing it but ez money and boring for an hours for 1 presents no thanks.
  13. if im being cringe, does that mean you supporting newest design looks way better than from previous events? cause im gonna disagree with that statement if thats a case.
  14. 2020 years was a worse years ever, i dont like any newest design its one of disappointment and you should feel shammed unlike 2015-2019 halloween design wasn't that bad i really like it, my point is its so disappointed ill not buy anything expect teddy bear tbh i never seen one before or ever add it before is all i care. in 2020 halloween there's this thing called redeye / greeneye i general do not like eyeball mask thing its look like corona eyeball and they stare at you and blinking at you... thats some freaky creep style but less details and texture and ugly design i give it 1/10 i dont wanna look at it, if i see someone wearing it or links partner is using eyeball mask i swear to god i dont wanna be group with corona eyeball trainer its creepy and you might spread some chemical virus and you might be criminal 100% im calling it.
  15. i would like to see undead samurai for halloween i wish i could cosplay as ryuma from one piece since there's ninja scarf but it doesnt even cover underneath your neck and your mouth reference: and ice spiritual robe is a thing but is it possible to have half ripped cloth robe? since he's undead and Katana vanity please? instead of katana sitting on your back but i want katana on side ways if its possible for back slots.
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