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  2. your mom ¬¬ You're gonna love this forfeit button , quitting up even for Npcs xD
  3. In game name: LightSoulz Join Date: first account 03/11/2015 Hours Played: 3.000 + Screenshot of your character : Picture of yourself [Optional] Country where you live: Brazil The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Current occupation: rip Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Salt Your super hero power would be: rip Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: / Favourite Movie: rip Your favourite TV show as a kid was: rip
  4. Yes, he grew up (lvl up) and discovered that it was actually a girl xD
  5. 8 days ago ... And now THE PSYDUCK RETURNS !!! NEVER GIVE UP !!! @brocko video
  6. - Template1 - Name:LightSoulz Team:GÓDS Render:Shiny Eevee Text color (optional):Black Stain color (optional):Grey Donation : 100k
  7. Guys , respect the Persian and Seel shiny ,they may have no color , but they have the most important thing ... the shiny star Say NO to Racism !!!
  8. I had to post, you and Kall said they would post if I did not post... you idiots ;-;
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