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  1. In-Game Name: Kaarnaa Country: Brasil Preferred Tiers: UU, NU
  2. because we can only have one wish fulfilled per month
  3. IGN: Kaarnaa (old ign : LelouchZeroo) Reason: my first psl Tiers: NU>UU>doubles Competitive Accolades: I won a tournament today Other random stuff: garchomp UU when ? Discord : Lelou#9931
  4. Team Name: Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: makarovmaster deadwind JhowCrazy Shiforinfulas jwsmend boyscap shentiger feitpet LelouchZeroo rickalvares Tacamura Daniellegal Team Captain: LelouchZeroo
  5. Team Name:Brasil Team Tag:BR team capitan:makarovmaster Registered Players: makarovmaster, JhowCrazy, Deadwind,LelouchZeroo, Boyscap, Shentiger, jwsmend, Shiforinfulas, Feitpet, ByakuyaXl, LightSouz, BloodyPunisher, Dedinovsk..
  6. Team name: Os Manos do Mano Menezes Players: LelouchZeroo,LightSoulz,SenhorDNS
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