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  1. Are you still a gm!? Did you ever find a shiny Dratini ?

  2. Heya im back after a long break :o I doubt any of you remember me but im back under the IGN : AIcoholic! Im looking for a guild / team and maybe some peeps to help me get started and back into the groove of the game! Im an old member of GLOW o .o
  3. Sure it might take awhile. (no eta) Its been awhile, but I can try! ( No eta)
  4. Sorry for the delay Ill start on it now ^^ I should have it done asap ( like an hour or two) Hey~ Ill be right on that sorry for the slack~ youll be after the FC Porto theme Awesome~ Ill have that done when im done with the other two~
  5. o .o here ya go hehe http://prntscr.com/g44ixc
  6. Thanks so much hehe :D Glad you like it and have fun lol
  7. http://prntscr.com/g43lsq o .o I drew it on paper (Ignore the whiteout please XD hehe) Im glad you like it !
  8. http://prntscr.com/g3n2r4 Here ya go :D I hope you like it~
  9. It might take some time due to wifi issues but your 3rd in line! Ill get it done asap
  10. Hi! XD So do you want a "Rat Kid" or like a Rattata, or a Rat. XD Thanks! And have a nice day !

  11. Of course! My wifi is really bad at the moment but whenever I can I will definitely be able to fulfill that request. Of course you are 2nd on the list. But whenever I can get them done I get them done fairly fast. ^^
  12. http://prntscr.com/g3jgpb ^ -^ Here it is. I hope you like it !
  13. Did you want that on paper? Or paint.net? Oki, Paper or paint.net and do you want it to be cute or..? Sure! Gimme alittle bit ^^
  14. Just an update. Due to wifi issues this might be delayed > .<. I hope you don't mind.
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