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[Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread


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This thread is being made so that if you have a screenshot of some kind, but it doesn't fit in with the other threads, you can post it here instead of creating a new topic. Got something interesting to show off? Post here!

While I seriously doubt there's anyone out there still using dial-up, I still would ask that you spoiler posts if you have more than one or two images. Keeps everything nice and clean.

I'll start us off:


My poor Rhydon :(


An idea for a future event that hopefully will see the light of day (it'll be fun!)

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[quote name='Volpi' timestamp='1358342808' post='164653']

My new map. And yes this is how it always look now xD

I actually like it.

Same map new place

[/quote] How do?

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[quote name='TalkingCake' timestamp='1358635341' post='167359']
How do you get the little girls instead of Pokemon for the battles and such?

Why in the name of the holy cookie in front of me would you ask that in THIS thread?....

Check out this thread V

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[quote name='Gerym' timestamp='1359201735' post='173409']
3rd person today reacts the same, what's wrong with u people? (and all of them speaks this incomprehensible for me language)
I saw that PokeBulls guy earlier,
[spoiler]Spamming global with his shitty trades.[/spoiler]

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Desu confirms Jumpeon kinda


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