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[Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread


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[quote name='Dougington' timestamp='1360620187' post='193807']
Should of covered the OT, that guy will get tonnes of spam if he still plays anymore.

You are so right D: I edited it. If you could remove my quote from your post that would be great :)

EDIT: although he announced it himself in global so a ton of people already know :P Ah well

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[quote name='Vanhiz' timestamp='1360620084' post='193803']
I guess this needs no description


Dev I'm guessing? I captured this a long time ago back when I was only at around 100 hours


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[quote name='Oxygen' timestamp='1361521881' post='206989']
Someone was actually stupid enough to trade a shiny eevee? ... he/she probably got a bunch of shinies for it. Greed is such an ugly sin.
[/quote] I am not sure on the whole story but there is scamming involved.

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[quote name='Gerym' timestamp='1359201735' post='173409']
3rd person today reacts the same, what's wrong with u people? (and all of them speaks this incomprehensible for me language)

PokéBulls is my friend XD, he speak Portuguese
Hiper raio -> Hyper Beam
Raio de gelo-> Ice Beam
Surf-> Surf
Pisiquico-> Psychic

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[quote name='TWDaryl' timestamp='1361246920' post='203044']

oh hey i can see myself!

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