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  1. Desert is the least of my problem. Sea is also easy. Anything else? Not a chance. Week vacation in Norway and no mobile net so all I can do is catching pokemon that come in to our house where I have wi Fi. Otherwise would be perfect for a trip or 2 in the forest. All I got is a charmander and pinsir. Pidgey, pikachu and caterpie was at the neighbours door but my wifi didn't go that far.
  2. The risk reward would even then be more like a diagram i described and not what current one show... if aimed as respond to me. Although with a different curve than for one who play aggresively. The top point i havent even mentioned where should lay at and if you are really interested u can do this calculation yourself by doing following Take all participants in the tournaments u care to analyze. Find a proper criteria for what is safe play what is risky play. Then what is defensive play and what is aggreaively play. Then analyze each turn between players If you do this. Which require more data than any current players will be willing to analyze, u will get a roufh idea how different balances of safe aggresively and high risk low risk decisions would affect the outcome of the matches. If you now start rating players depending on the resulults you found doing what i described earlier and recalculate the effort according to how well you rate the different players, you will start getting close to some data indicating something actual useful for players to learn from giving they can comprehend with thia information but, yes it is still a but, you would now need to define exactly what nakes a ev spread, move, switch, or movepool, high risk or low risk given to the certain sotuation. All this will, if you actually end up trying to do something about it, only show how hard it is to apply exact math to something and expect an accurate result which can be applied to something. You find out it will be easier to come up with a buisness model which cash u in millions of $ the following years than crack this code. Which make this a thread where people can freely express their feelings as they like, but never make this anything more than opinion based discussion of what reward comes with playong a more riskful style.
  3. Back again for more questions. Master invite is 1 point and official is 2 points? How did u get master invite without an official win? Beside what officials did exist that wasnt master invite related which mattered back then? By this score winning official should grant u 2 points for official win and 1 for the master invite on top of it leaving some players hifher rated than they r atm. I dont get this score rating. Plz take my name off it as i probably aint considered even top 20 but judging on the score rate here should be top 10. ;)
  4. I just saw and had to ask. I know i was inactive for a long time and things could have changed but why is siege listed as cb? I knew him as fys?
  5. What u need is more of a diagram which also include that with too much risk u end up just lowering ur reward potential and tjerefor you need to find a diagtam that reflects this. At same time it is no secret that people play safe for a reason so the too low risk gives a greater reward than the too hogh risk. If it wasnt tje case, curse snorlax (just an example), the very no risk but relatively great reward wouldnt been a thing. Just exactly where on the chart risk affect the reward is what you can discuss. Some risk should be reccomended but not jist a simple chary claiming the higher risk the higher reward you get. If this was true, i would just go take up a loan of 100k $ and buy bet on Basel to win the champions league 2015 with it and when they do, i pay back the loan with interest and live on the profit i would just have made. Or rven use my profit to do the same for 2016 2017 2018.
  6. I came, I saw a chart saying greater risk gave greater reward. I stopped reading. For the future dont use charts until you fully understand what they are saying please, they r both misleading and incorrect. This comes from one who do believe taking some (keyword) calculated risk will give much greater reward than just playing it safe. Which by the way the title topic indicated this would be about anyway. I can only hope the rest was better explaining how to balance risk with defensive play to get better results unlike this chart ;) Tl:dr I am aware u like to go by the name blonde but please, dont live up to your name, u r better than so. Add more of a curve that goes up and then down agai at reward side depending on how far out on the risk side u go and it will be a better chart. Otherwise u tell us to play only squeeshy high damgers to get the best reward out of it which just wont fit to whatever u wrote under...
  7. This thread gave me an idea. Also please remove my name from any listings of "best players" as I can simply not agree to not only be listed above Conquest but in a list who doesn#t even recognize the true pokemmo master.
  8. Nobody would even believe what kind of laggspikes I actually get, Forget about me ever making a comeback, people would hate fighting me too much seeing how this is regarded an issue.
  9. If I were to kick everyone in my team (current and previous) that ended up in this thread, each team would now be down to 1 person. I honestly believe everyone that plays this game really don't know what they are doing.
  10. Volpi

    Swarm Rework

    do you want swarm to be popular? Add something highly valueable and renewable and consumeable? Look no further (competitive community including me would dislike this, but it would force us to care for swarms) Berries Yes Berries [spoiler] Remove berries from the shop Pokemon in swarms has 100% chance to hold a berry (the way you like to even out the berries at the different pokemon is up to you) Mainly thinking of berries such as salac piecha lum chesto leppa (most underrated berry of the century) petaya. Apicot and Ganlon are not popular enough to bother with imho Also if you like to keep the worth of money at same time as making swarms more useful no problem new price 10k per berry of this kind (keep the EVreducing berries as they are to avoid too much flaming) Also, screw berries on pickup ability On a personal note, I hope you wont bother with this suggestion as I don't care too much for going hunting in swarms anyway and this would force a player to actually play if he wants to be competitive (or pay) but as mmo suggestion, this sadly make sense, at least in my view. [/spoiler] You could implement this with the 2x31 IVs so that you can claim that you both "give and take" with implementing this suggestion. Give us an easier way to hunt competitives and an alternative to breeding at the same time as take our easy to come by berries 1000yen and now increased the price and leave it to those who play the game a better way to hunt these berries.
  11. Good timing for that question. Leaving for Egypt now so I very much doubt I have time for that. Will anyone volunteer to take over this thread and make it understandable for those who doesn't already know how to do this? Take whatever you like from my content and please do improve on it.
  12. Ye whatever I put in quote at beginning was made by someone else, don't put too much into the pokemons listed or not there. I didn't bother to alter that as I personally believe HP should mainly be used as a surprise effect to take out something which think it has you walled. Also good points RysPicz, I guess it was wrong of me to take that as obvious. And yeah, I am sure someone could write this so it would be easier for people more new to breeding to understand. To take use of this, you would have to understand what I am talking about, and I may be confusing in the way I choose to explain this :P (I always assume the reader understand something he doesn't and rather explain what he would already understand. Example: listing the odd and even IVs Even being an even IV 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-1-6-18-20-22-24-26-28-30 and Odd being an odd IV 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-151-17-19-21-23-25-27-29-31 but not how sp.def being even or odd define it being special or physical "ODD Special Defense= Special Hidden Power (or steel). EVEN Special Defense= Physical Hidden Power."
  13. Quote First of all, I like to thank Controller for his insightful previous guide at how to find you hidden power through narrowing IVs. This thread would never been made without his been made first, and the info you find there is crucial to do this. Don't worry though, I have it quoted above here so you can pick the HP you need and start of with finding your parents. In this guide I will take 1 of the given HPs and I will explain simply how you should find your parents to breed the HP you need most efficiently For the record, this is not a guide as much in how to achieve a certain HP for an individual although it could be used for that as well, but more one that teams can use so each member can find their pokemon of choice and specialize on breeding several of them for the entire team. Traders could also take use of this information to breed their certain HP more frequently and thereby also get more babies worth much when selling than they would when just breeding for higher IVs. When explaining what to do, I will here take fighting, but what I now show with fighting, you can apply to any of the typings. Fighting: Advanced/explaining spoiler [spoiler] Fighting: Spoiler EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN EVEN/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN ODD/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN EVEN/EVEN/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN What you see here is all the combinations which ends up in HP fighting. Even being an even IV 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-1-6-18-20-22-24-26-28-30 and Odd being an odd IV 1-3-5-7-9-11-13-151-17-19-21-23-25-27-29-31 Okay we also see at fighting we got 5 potential combination which give us HP fighting. What we now do is analyze how often Even would end up in fighting and how often ODD would end up in fighting even/odd | even/odd | even/odd | even/odd | even/odd | even/odd 3/2 | 3/2 | 4/1 | 5/0 | 5/0 | 5/0 Okay so first thing we see here is that all speed, sp.def and sp.atk HAS to be EVEN. This is important as this is the most error people who go for breeding as good something as possible make. When you change parent for a better IV parent for a pokemon that rely on a certain HP to be useful, you might make it harder for yourself to achieve this. And the problem most often occur when people go for getting HP which require EVEN IV as they would switch out the parent for one with 31 in that stat. You might be a little confused now as why this matters. The reason is that when breeding, 3 IVs is directly inherted by parents which would mean that 2 parents with 31 IV already has a 50% chance to give the offspring 31 IV directly on top of that +3/-8 randomizer for the others. First thing we see here is that we can't get odd number on speed sp.atk sp.def if we want a HP fighting offspring. A breeder who wants to keep breeding for a certain HP should therefor not use any parent who has odd in either of these 3 unless he has no other choice. Optimally he will get parents who at this point has x/x x/x x/x E/E E/E E/E Again sorry to confuse at this moment x=unknown E=Even O=Odd. And this is meant to show the IVs of the 2 parents (1 on each side) Lets say I am breeding a 31-31-21-26-31-31 Male gyarados with a 31-29-31-31-28-24 Female Qwilfish this would be: O/O O/O O/O E/O O/E O/E What I now would been doing is trying to get all the 3 last to be E for both parents. Further more we can see dence is 4 even 1 odd. This means we are more likely to hit one of the HP fighting combinations with even defence, so if you plan to get several HP fighting, you should get even here as well. For health and atk it is 3 to 2, and the difference is slightly lower. A team breeder should breed for 31 atk and a trader should breed with 30 atk in my opinion here if the HP fighting is considered crucial to be able to take use of the pokemon in talk. This means for breeding fighting frequently, you want parents with even in the first 3 and need parents with even in the last 3 to be able to get them. [/spoiler] Less explaining and more to the point. For the one who more or less already know this... [spoiler] Fighting: Spoiler EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN EVEN/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN ODD/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN EVEN/EVEN/ODD/EVEN/EVEN/EVEN 3/2 | 3/2 | 4/1 | 5/0 | 5/0 | 5/0 Offsprings need even IV for speed sp.def and sp.atk if you want HP fighting. It is also much easier with even in defence, and slightly easier with even in atk and health. When looking for parents, as far as you can, you should therefor look for 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 Red been absolute, blue been highly recommended and green been favoured [/spoiler] Why this matter [spoiler] Ok so some might wonder now, "why does it matter if my parents has this or that IV when the IV is determined by +3/-8 ratio anyway." and "This can hardly make much difference" The thing is that 3 of the IVs is directly inherited from parents which mean that if any of these 3 stats are outside what is possible to get the certain HP, it would ruin the whole egg. On the other side if all 3 is fitting, then it gets much more simple to get the given HP.[/spoiler] EDIT: List of all types and the ratios between odd even [spoiler] Basically frequency between even/odd for each typing ______________ Fighting(5) 3/2 3/2 4/1 5/0 5/0 5/0 ______________ Flying 2/2 2/2 1/3 4/0 4/0 3/1 ______________ Poison(4) 2/2 2/2 3/1 4/0 4/0 0/4 ______________ Ground(4) 2/2 2/2 1/3 3/1 4/0 1/3 ______________ Rock(4) 2/2 2/2 3/1 0/4 4/0 4/0 ______________ Bug(5) 2/3 3/2 2/3 0/5 5/0 3/2 ______________ Ghost(4) 2/2 2/2 2/2 0/4 4/0 0/4 ______________ Steel(4) 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 ______________ Fire(4) 2/2 2/2 2/2 4/0 0/4 4/0 ______________ Water(4) 2/2 2/2 2/2 4/0 0/4 2/2 ______________ Grass(5) 3/2 2/3 2/3 5/0 0/5 0/5 ______________ Electric(4) 2/2 2/2 3/1 1/3 0/4 3/1 ______________ Psychic(4) 2/2 2/2 1/3 0/4 0/4 4/0 ______________ Ice(4) 2/2 2/2 3/1 0/4 0/4 1/3 ______________ Dragon(4) 2/2 2/2 1/3 0/4 0/4 0/4 ______________ Dark(1) 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 [/spoiler] P.S. I will leave this here, if anyone who understands this is willing to rewrite it so it is easier to understand, then feel free to do so. Might be I edit some myself later when I feel like doing so, Again, if you like to credit anyone for this guide, credit Controller, it is his list of combination of Hidden power, all I wrote here is how to apply that info to breeding
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