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Changelog: Xmas 2020 (24/12/2020)


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Changelog: 26/12/2020



  • Santa's Presents now exchange for 3 Big Robot Parts, up from 1
  • Bosses in Twist Mountain now give an additional Big Robot Part for each boss defeated in the instance's run, scaling from 1 up to 6 per win
  • The amount of elfbots which may be summoned by SOS battles has been reduced from 2 to 1 in early waves
  • Aggro distance for coop partners has been slightly increased
  • Updated movesets for several elfbot and boss configurations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where losing to Bosses in Twist Mountain would cause double life reduction
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    Changelog: 29/12/2020


    Xmas Twist Mountain Balancing

    • Added event-exclusive out of battle skill effects for:
      • Recover-type moves, Rest, Heal Pulse, and Aromatherapy/Heal Bell
      • Self-targeted heals consume 2 PP when used out of battle. Ally-targeted heals and AoE heals consume 1 PP
    • Removed elfbot changing after exiting the entrance map
    • Reduced the maximum size of waves to 20
    • Reduced the scaling of wave increases from 2 -> 1
      • Waves now progress as 10->11->12 as opposed to 10->12->14..
    • NPCs now scale power levels every 8 waves, compared to 3 waves previously
    • Previously useless EV presents will now open as an item if the coop team has reached the maximum EV level
      • Removed the turn-in step for Big Robot Parts. BRPs will now credit immediately to the coop event's rewards upon pickup
      • The default IV distribution for player elfbots has been increased to 20/20/20/20/20/20, from 0
      • Elf Mastery Devices now always give +4 IVs

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed an issue where, when defeating multiple elfbots in a single battle, they would only count once against the coop event's wave counter
      • Fixed an issue where unclaimed Xmas Twist Mountain presents would reroll every wave clear, instead of every item respawn wave
      • Fixed an issue where Rattled would display a targeting error when activating
      • Fixed an issue where Pledge skills would not cancel if the second combo skill were interrupted by Paralysis/etc.


      • PokeMMO's Xmas event has been extended and will end on Jan 6th 00:00 UTC+0
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      Changelog: 29/12/2020 Update 2


      Xmas Twist Mountain Balancing

      • When fighting Double Battles waves, the initial partner will now always be a variant of the overworld sprite. Previously, this was randomly generated
      • Increased the chances to obtain rare items from item presents, and added PP Ups/Maxes to their item pools

      Xmas Twist Mountain Bug Fixes

      • Fixed an issue where, after wave 16, enemy NPC waves would transition immediately into Doubles+SOS
      • Fixed an issue where players who had full HP & no status ailments would not be eligible for PP heals when activating a healing present
      • Fixed an issue where EV presents would only fill 4/5ths of the total EV gain
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