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  1. Just live in dead channels like 3, 2 and 4 either just play the emulator with nobody
  2. They don't share the number but it's a lot. The total players might cross 2k-3k online player or even more, just look at cn trade chat, it's crowded always. And I myself can just name 500-600 players who play the game daily
  3. If Nintendo ever stops it you can't do anything about it, so stop thinking about it.
  4. First PokeMMO should celebrate 10th anniversary in 2022 and should give us Johto or something good.
  5. Ban Conkeldurr. It'll really help if u atleast nerf the Flame Orb....
  6. Some People have a lot money to spend in MMO, So they can start the infatuation in market. There is nothing someone can do about it, the vanity prices will rise day by day until people stop paying for them in game currency. RPs prices are so high since 2020 halloween.
  7. Yes Kaspersky have flagged pokemmo as a Virus again. Happened same with me today.
  8. Ah that's some great info, thanks for that.
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