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Legend Arceus move changes.

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These are pretty wild, will they be applied despite the differences in playstyle from the normal mainline games? I can see a dramatic shift towards a more defensive playstyle if so.

Stealth Rock and Spikes now work like Whirlpool and Fire Spin except you can switch out too.

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Now for my biased opinion. It's probably for the best not to apply any of this, it'd be a shift comparable to MMO's gen3>gen5 shift but towards a defensive playstyle comparable to late gen3's Chansey meta relying on very very very slow chipping due to lack of hazards. Coupled with this lack of hazards, the lower BP on moves makes it a lot harder for all wallbreakers to get rid of bulky stuff, lots of wallbreakers would become outright unviable as such unable to get 2HKOs against stuff they normally would after one or two rounds of hazards. Now not every offensive threat is a loser, stuff like Volcarona would be super common, albeit due to the nature of how metas tend to shift whenever there's a super oppressive offensive threat, people would likely play it safe and once again gravitate towards fat stuff that can safely switch into it no matter what and force it out. The lack of hazards also free up a lot of moveslots for teams like these who rely heavily on hazard control and to boot a LOT of comps would lose value, from wallbreakers, sweepers, pokemon both offensive and defensive dedicated to hazard control, suicide leads, etc.


Like Zymo said I'm ok with the new learnpools, stuff like Close Combat Scizor is pretty exciting, but the changes to the moves themselves are legit awful and probably only make sense in Arceus Legends.

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Yeah I don't think we should use Legends Arceus at all. It makes sense in itself (as a spin off), but with main series mechanics it doesn't. Also many of the movepool changes are because most of the moves have been removed. We have to wait until a new mainseries game drops. Also pls add BDSP moves :) 

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