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Visual example of a MMO-friendly Team- and Friends Tab



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14 hours ago, MightyMichele said:

Nice but if none are following

How about show the entire 6 slots of Pokemon in bag?

Then nothing is shown. Adding 6 Mons to the tab would just crumble the space, which after all is restricted, depending on device and resolution.

"Inspect Player" just like any other MMO to see 6 mons would work, but thats a whole different story/suggestion then and requires privacy settings because not everyone want to spoil there whole team all the time, especially regarding PvP

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On 7/7/2023 at 6:38 PM, ChihuahuanRaven said:

50 votes! I hope the devs actually go through and implement something like this!

Naah. There has been at least 10 other suggestions with similar approaches after that, all of them ending up with a lot of upvotes and positive feedback, and the devs ignore it with the certainity of a sleepwalker.



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