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Brawlhalla ;]

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If you enjoy smash , you should play this. Shits fun af, must have steam to download it. 

Do you play? if so whats your name?

Who's your favorite character?





Player names


Nobarsmcgee ( @Torinnnnn )

TheKevinh ( @aftershocker )

KingSteelKilos (Alphie)


Discord : 



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I'll download this when I get home tonight, kinda been meaning to give it a try since I played smash religiously for a while. 


Is spiking a thing? There's 0 point in playing if I can't dunk on people 

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This is fun af to play with ur friends, and yeah remember me smash a lot, I just hadnt time for this, but I still have on my steam, I can say its good and u can use this to chill when u need. Also the offline practice option is good for try some shit without fear. kek

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12 hours ago, Gunthug said:

This game is a ton of fun, any recommendations for first legend to buy? Had enough to grab one of the 2300 ones but decided to save for a 3900 at least. I really enjoyed Gnash before the patch when he was ftp 

I bought mirage for 5400 and Orion for 2300

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