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  1. Like all other flying Pokemon who know that move, by flapping its wings to create a gust, lifting the fog. /Edit Not every flying Pokemon knowing that move has wings, but still makes sense to me that flying Pokes can blow away fog with some sort of gust.
  2. Some of those move changes are absurd. Mantine loses Defog but gains Rock Blast, Conkeldurr gains Defog? Quite ridiculous.
  3. Be aware that we don't have Legendaries, Hidden Abilities, additional learnable moves, partly different typing table. Especially when picking coverage moves, you need to be aware of which Pokemon you will be facing regarding PokeMMOs tiering and meta. Also, we Pvp on level 50, meaning the EV spreads on Smogon are not optimal for PokeMMO (easiest example would be HP Ev, which you often don't want to be divisible by 4, and that's different at level 100 vs. level 50).
  4. Can't tell you for sure which one might help with your problem, or if it's even the solution at all. To play every region in PokeMMO you need the Fire Red, Emerald, Platinum, Heart Gold and Black roms. At least that's the ones I've got on my phone.
  5. Maybe start chopping down some wood and make some yourself? Jokes aside, I don't know. Maybe you need the other rooms for those sprites? Guess you are not running any mods?
  6. Hey guys, really don't know where to put this. I first thought the Club Subforum offers a place for this. So basically I was hoping to find a guild with active Pvp players. It's really hard to find players who want to play NU. Can anyone think of a Club that fit's the (brief) description, or can link a thread for me to find the information myself? Cheers!
  7. Whimsicott keeps coming back to me. Cradily and Muk are close. Actually pretty hard to decide.
  8. Was also introduced by an IRL friend. He played with some friends before, didn't get them hooked, heard that I loved the Pokemon games as a kid and pushed me to playing it (the release of the android build helped a lot). Since then I helped him with the basic structure of the game and (j)rpgs in general and we both helped each other to get into the competitive part of the game. He loves the market and breeding, I love theory crafting, we both like different archetypes, etc. It's cool to exchange those things. We try to hold a bo3 between each other every few months, with friends visiting and betting on the winner. It's good fun.
  9. Most of the time ch 4 to reduce lag. But for events and such I like to join the crowd.
  10. Ah right. Wasn't sure how it works right now, good to know! I thought if Armaldo and Hitmomchan would get "too" strong from it, they would just raise a tier. But your other points all make sense, thanks. I dislike all the new Intimidate blocks. I like seeing stuff like Inner Focus being buffed, but not in such a way. But I didn't really check which mons this would actually affect. And Nasty Plot Hydreigon and Gengar? Definitely not interested.
  11. Haven't heard of that change before, thanks for sharing. Can't think of any cases were it could affect turn order in PokeMMO singles, are there any (Except things we don't have, like megas that change speed at the beginning of the turn)? I guess this would have quiet the impact on dubs. Why though? Do you feel it puts too many effects into one skill that's already viable? Just by looking at the spinners we have available it sounds cool but not busted to me. But can't say much about OU, how strong it would really be on Starmie, Excadrill or Tenta.
  12. Can't login right now, but isn't that one of the items you need to craft? Only npc for that I know of is in Unova E4 Pc.
  13. You actually really believe they decide against something like that to keep things more predictable? I don't even understand how you can make such a connection. Seems more like you found something that remotely relates to your witch hunt, another place for a negative comment. And do you actually believe adding Ubers would magically change the complexety and predictabilty of the game? So you don't have much time for competitive pvp (which is available at all sorts of times) but deem yourself qualified to call pvp bland over and over again? You believe the reason you are not winning tournaments is only because you don't attend them? And all of those idiots struggling to compete among each other are just not as clever as you who has it all figured out? Dude.
  14. Maybe it would help to show how many players are in the queue, sort of like a lobby. Being able to see that there's already X others waiting would greatly increase the incentive to wait for more players. Or Dailies, or whatever has been suggested before. I can't believe there's less than 8 players online at any given time wanting to play NU/UU/LC/Dubs (IIRC that was the number of players required). I guess its more like no one even tries (rightfully so, as it's depressing).
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