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  1. Why would people blame France B? They're doing the right thing to try to fight against a decisive loss that feels unfair to them. China is also doing the right thing, from their perspective. They are maximizing their chances, because they know that Axoa is much better than their player. The hosts are sitting between those two chairs, and like Hopy said, it seems that they haven't really managed to make a clear choice. In my opinion, giving a rematch wouldn't have made lots of people mad. China B knows that they stole a game, so it would be a joke if they think that it is unfair. Moreover, they're still in a good position because they won 2 battles. A community event that lasts weeks and weeks is not at all like an automated tournament made in some hours. You can discuss difficult cases and make the right decision without penalizing or delaying the event.
  2. Wtf is that decision haha, after reading it 3 times I still don't understand the logic behind it -It fucks the whole group by giving potentially more points than possible -France B could have won the week 3.2, so the last sentence about the tie is confusing -Still no damn and fair battle done
  3. @MknsZblex @gbwead I am happy to be the team captain of SIA and I'll do my best to take them to the victory.
  4. New dj mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/Amoritmik/harmonic-abyss-melodic-techno/
  5. Go hard with some Psy Trance mixed by myself: https://www.mixcloud.com/Amoritmik/infernal-spiral-psy-trance/ (be high while playing this music and you'll be on another planet)
  6. I vs nik soon https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen4ou-837647531
  7. Linken v Me in 10mins https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen4ou-834065900
  8. BATTLE OF THE CENTURY JOVI VS XPLOZ IN 10MINS. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen4ou-830354613
  9. @MknsZblex It isn't really unbanned tho, it's only a test on the ladder. Should we still include it in PSL yet?
  10. @Gunthug That's why I like shaymin special attacker with leech/leftos, it is a pretty good lure. The decision of nik to stay with tran was probably reinforced by the fact that shaymin was putting a great pressure. I did hp ice on bliss because I wanted to eventually deal some safe damage to gengar who was scaring af, and nothing else could switch in. About the breloom vs weakened shaymin situation, I had the same reasoning as nik's. Mach punch was predicable and I could have saved a good sack. However, I could have lost the game if I switched out, so I preferred to stay and was ready to sack shaymin. Someone finally noticed the superpower/fpunch set. Nobody said a fucking word in the chat, they prefer to yell when an useless freeze happens at the end of the game. This double switch + surprising superpower on bliss was like my only way to win (with trick rotom eventually), so I'm glad it worked perfectly. Also sorry guys but this week I was busier than usual. I didn't even bother turning on my computer when I was coming back home at the beginning of the week. I could have easily dodged sweet by telling him that I couldn't fight on his days and then I would have battled a much less experienced player, but that was clearly not my intention. Also I'm a competitor and it's not really in my interest to let sweet win the dpp award easily, I would have 100% preferred to fight for it, which is now impossible. The double sub is kinda fair tho. Hopefully we meet again in playoffs.
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