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  1. First encounter in this grass, Wasn't trying to hunt. With special guest star @Spxter's Smeargle.
  2. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Team Members: Spxter, kloneman, OxOReFaked, Frosteye, TohnR, Kravism, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, Rynners Team captain: Spxter
  3. Posting on the behalf of @Spxter, who's PC is dead rn
  4. Someone pull out that really old marriage thread Edit: Found it
  5. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: kloneman, Spxter, OxORefaked, DanteGrin, Hammerax, Wildhodor, BartekDolar, ashasash, SamuelJackson, ItsGray, PabloJim, NickRains, ZzZerra, NinjaBlender, IsabelaNeko Team Captain: Spxter
  6. When you first saw Jump Stone, were you blinded by it's majesty?
  7. Team Name: BushidoTeam Tag: BSDO RegisteredPlayers: kloneman, Spxter, Sethsen, ItsGray, KevinDaPokeTrain, Rynners, Kravism, Borowskus, Frosteye, SapphireStoneSSS, NickRains, OxOReFaked, golfwenger, BartekDolar, EmmaCACHJ Team Captain: Spxter
  8. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: Spxter, kloneman, Sethsen, EmmaCACHJ, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, SapphireStoneSSS, Kravism, OxOReFaked, golfwenger, Amysthie, Joud, Hammerax, Rynners, tyci Team Captain: Spxter
  9. Always been in this camp as well. Seems pretty fair IMO, considering the other things done to balance Dragon. This but unironically
  10. Wipe this meme from the face of the Earth.
  11. gotta be the little monkey fella
  12. Makes sense. Would give people who aren't necessarily into competitive play something more to do in a team. Could have special ranks tied to it, like the more someone does, their name changes color or something.
  13. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: kloneman, Spxter, SharpBlue, Macduff, Joud, Sweendog, Vhakar, Amysthie, Yumoe, NinjaBlender, Gyrasion, xJSx, MakesNoSence, MisterKartoffel, Zetotres Team Captain: kloneman
  14. Stop The Music! Since they got updated: [img]http://i1322.photobucket.com/albums/u564/NinjaBlender/derp_zps9cd42f48.png[/img]
  15. [quote name='Cifer44' timestamp='1364400799' post='248704'] x_x Afros need to be a bit bigger. Too much back. [/quote] Stop The Music! I agree, they should be a bit bigger, and do look a bit weird from the back. Colorable sunglasses would be groovy though.
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