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  1. Can i add a player to Live befor the tournament starts? sorry
  2. Team Name: Little Veterans Team Tag: Líve Registered Players: zAnderson, Mlhawk, ZDFire, Souu, iWiriketchup, CrissCy, LeoTsb, StokesAG, Soumayukihira, Chjul, Notless, MrXehanort, Cristianrobles, RayuWu, Devilmephisto Team Captain: IWiriketchup update: player "Notless" is now "IYaseer" Devilmephisto left
  3. Tag Team: Líve Team Name: Little Veterans List of players: ZDfire, Mlhawk, IWiriketchup, Souu, zAnderson, zMauri, Chjul, Predakiller, CrissCy, RayUwU, CristianRobles, Latiosrol, zKuroko, JereSteve, Shookan, CelesRP, MrXehanort, MrDiox, Cessy. Team Captain: zMauri
  4. UU2: IWiriketchup vs xDarksSoul I need substitution to schedule @Lactosoid that guy can´t play
  5. Team Name: Mia Khalifans Return Registered Players: Sicklonerr, PsykoO, iWiriketchup, Incognition, Souu, xLuneth, Gasaiyunosan, HALOTT, Kokenocastro, awallz Subs: Quinnw, lKillua Team Captain: Sicklonerr
  6. IGN: IWiriketchup Country: Argentino como el tango Tier: UU, NU, OU, LC Notes: solo quiero jugar con wickedwanga
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