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  1. be honest mathew, how much did u pay Jean to make it look like he's too busy to be captain ?
  2. IGN: TheDH Country: Algeria Tiers: OU UU NU Dubs LC Discord: Etibamecus#1789
  3. IGN: TheDH Preferred Tiers: All Competitive accolades : LC isnt competitive anyway Discord contact: Etibamecus#1789 Fluff: I'm wrath's friend so i can prob ask him to give me some free activity win Preferred Potential Manager: Least Preferred Potential Manager: Mkns1070, MonkeyDMathew
  4. Madara (46Cr) 5win evlgoon (9Cr) 2Win Baneadito(7cr) 0 Win Hernjet(13cr) 5 Win Arca(15Cr) 4 win SweetForU(40Cr) 3 win DoubleJ(7Cr) 1 win Facursa(8cr) 0 win ZacM(10Cr) 2 win zAnderson(27Cr) 3 win TheDH(10Cr) 3 win Darkquiller(7CR) 2 Win Total game win by my line up: 30
  5. Alright, the regular season is over. Please add up the number of wins of all the players you drafted. The fantasy roster with the highest number of wins will win the entire cash prize. @RLotus @calidubstep @Sebat @Quinn010 @DoubleJ @Moi @Tawla @Wallarro @CaptnBaklava @PoseidonWrath https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10QagyBsS1Kyrs1mGLoKdNwx2NX6qdB3AiFhZ3-LrKAk/edit#gid=29290285
  6. Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: MadaraSixSix Vs Frags LC: Baneadito Vs YettoDie The Primal Primeapes (0) Vs The Evil Devilbats (0) OU: zKuroko Vs Gasyflour @Sebat Qwilfish n' Chips' (1) Vs The Eden of Hazard's (0) OU: Pablobacas Vs CristhianArce Mienfoo Fighters (0) Vs Triple City (0) OU: Fibraxxxx Vs Azphiel NU: Lachidrago Vs Forfiter @YJos Dubs: EYL Vs Mislandier @YJos 200K each bet void if sub/activityWin/Dq Ect... @YJos owe me 400k @Sebat owe me 200k (Paid)
  7. Imagine not using credit to play yourself against me coward mkns coward !!!!
  8. Mienfoo Fighters (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: Fibraxxxx Vs Frags OU: Mlhawk Vs Enchanteur UU: YEYOxD Vs Arca NU: AIoned Vs Sejuani Dubs: EYL Vs Larosoa LC: Hernjet Vs Kiiritox Dubs: JeanMarcH Vs ShanQi NU: Lachidrago Vs Facursa The Primal Primeapes (0) VsRoy Rogers Hooligans (0) OU: Bund Vs MadaraSixSix OU: zKuroko Vs MadaraSixSix UU: Huargensy Vs Wallarro NU: Tawla Vs Chronorike LC: DarkQuiler Vs Baneadito Dubs: AkaruKokuyo Vs Killua NU: Kanzo Vs Mendeez UU: Axellgor Vs ItsGray Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs The Evil Devilbats (0) OU: kiwikidd Vs Juanchoqui OU: Stelian Vs ZacM UU: ShellUny Vs CarolML NU: pablobacas Vs Zhiko @SebatPaid Dubs: GodXebec Vs Gabuchox LC: Lotus Vs Cali UU: zAnderson Vs Umbramol NU: Cristi Vs MexiDany The Eden of Hazard's (0) Vs Triple City (0) OU: Elvessss Vs Azphiel @SweeTforU OU: PoseidonWrath Vs Queest UU: xxxHan Vs QuinnW @SweeTforU NU: SweeTforU Vs Babylo Dubs: NagaHex Vs Mislandier LC: Warwitox Vs TheDH @Shell OU: CristhianArce Vs Loveyun (Played) UU: RealDevilLegend Vs tmoi 200K each bold bet, Void if sub/activityWin/Win by Deconnexion ect... 500K Triple City win week 3 @Lvkee Paid @SweeTforU We are even @Shell u owe me 200k (Paid)
  9. It’s late but I can add since no match was played yet
  10. Lotus: Cali: Sebat: QuinnW: DoubleJ: tMoi: Tawla: Wallaro: CaptnBaklava: PoseidonWrath:
  11. Thanks to everyone who signed up for this event we have 8 player the same number as manager for the PSL ! I will post the line up of each player soon, to avoid any case with the host ( me ) playing in this event i send my line up to @gbwead and i will let him post mine. GL all !
  12. The Primal Primeapes (0) Vs Triple City (0) OU: ZozoMGL Vs Evlgoon 500k LC: DarkQuiler Vs Queest 500k OU: zKuroko Vs Azphiel 500k @MathewMat no middle man Void if activity win or win by deconnexion Middleman @Imperial @xJoseee for each bet.
  13. that shouldnt be a problem to use middleman then if u don't troll people
  14. I take if u accept middleman @Imperial or @xJoseee or @Mkns1070
  15. The player auction is one of the biggest highlights of any PSL season and sadly only eight individuals take part in this very hyped event. The Fantasy Auction (FA) event will allow everyone, including PSL players, to create a fictive roster based of the real auction. Basically, all the FA participants will start off with the same amount of credit resources as the managers, meaning 200 credits. Once the real auction is done, FA participants will have until Thursday 9 December 10pm GMT+2 to send their roster by purchasing players at the price they were sold during the real auction. If a player was sold for 35cr in the real auction, all FA participants will be allowed to buy that player for exactly 35cr. You can't buy more than 12 players. FA participants need to submit their roster to me by in game mail. Don't forget to attach 50k to your mail. That 50k per FA participant will help boost the total cash prize of the event. Once everyone submits their lineup, I will then reveal the roster of each participant. At the end of the season, the FA participant that bought the best performing roster will win the cash prize of this forum event and potentially some useful recognition for a future manager candidate. If you wish to support this event, donations to IGN "TheDH" would be appreciated. May the best fantasy manager win ! Current Cash Prize: 1,600,000 Pokeyens 1,000,000 Pokeyens - thedh 50,000 Pokeyens - Lotus 50,000 Pokeyens - Cali 50,000 Pokeyens - Sebat 50,000 Pokeyens - QuinnW 50,000 Pokeyens - DoubleJ 50,000 Pokeyens - tMoi 50,000 Pokeyens - Tawla 50,000 Pokeyens - Wallaro 100,000 Pokeyens - CaptnBaklava 100,000 Pokeyens - PoseidonWrath
  16. IGN:TheDH Time Zone (UTC format): Gmt+1 paris timezone Tiers: All Fluff: hi
  17. Overheat Charmanders () Vs Munya's Mienfoos () OU1: YEYOxD vs Cali @calidubstep OU2: KiiritoX vs PedroLindoUnico OU3: WarwitoX vs havsha UU: Suneet vs Skylux Doubles: Megabladers vs EEdays SWSHLC: huargensy vs Rigamorty @calidubstep Tenacious Taillows () Vs The Scary Scraggys () OU1: Gabuchox vs Hernjet OU2: Lunarck vs Stelian OU3: Pablobacas vs TheDH UU: QuinnW vs Pachima Doubles: OrangeManiac vs Mkns SWSHLC: Spaintakula vs Jaawaax Luxurious Luxrays () Vs Rare Rayquazas () OU1: SebastianRVM vs NagaHex OU2: Tawla vs DarkQuiler @Tawla OU3: Azphiel vs RealDevilLegend UU: PoseidonWrath vs BartekDolar Doubles: Gasyflour vs RohMartinez SWSLC: Urquidi vs AkaruKokuyo 200k each bet void if activity win sub or timer win.
  18. Let’s spice up thing are u willing to bet 2m with middle man ? incognition jose or Mathew are trustworthy guys for middle man
  19. IGN: Incognition inco accepted to be our middleman we mail 1m I will do tonight
  20. Take mkns take stelian take Angelo take gasai take yetto
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