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  1. Item Slot: Head The berry pots from Heartgold and Soulsilver as a vanity, I did three variations: Oran berry, leppa berry and lum berry. Image of Item:
  2. I like the idea, in my case I would love to have stars alongside the name to indicate an accomplishment, like one for becoming champion on all regions, other for completing the OT dex, etc. Kinda similar to the original games.
  3. Item Slot: Bicycle A bicycle vanity inspired by Iron Treads. Image of Item:
  4. Item Slot: Hat A bit of cake to celebrate this thread reaching 100 pages. Image of Item:
  5. I found this bulbasaur 4x31 from 2014 in one of my boxes. Price Check?
  6. Item Slot: Hair Rika hairstyle from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Image of Item:
  7. The lures from johto are done, sorry that it took so long to update this guide since the release of the region.
  8. Well, Johto is finally released, so I will update this guide shortly, im gonna write the locations and then i will add the pokemon, because i wanna enjoy the region now that is finally out.
  9. Item Slot: Hat A kappa headset. Image of Item:
  10. Item Slot: Hat A simple Balan Wonderworld hat Image of Item:
  11. Item Slot: Head A friend of mine was playing genshin impact and he showed me this character, I loved the design, so here is Raiden Shogun (I gave him custom eyes because the vanity looked weird with normal eyes) Image of Item:
  12. 🍽️Working double shifts as a chef and as a trainer🍽️ IGN: MustangBRCZ
  13. Item Slot: Head, Top and Hand I absolutely adore this pokemon, so a did the full design of Iron Valiant as vanities. Image of Item:
  14. Item Slot: Back The Iron Moth and Roaring Moon wings as a vanity. Image of Item:
  15. Dude, really? I feel cursed after not finding any. I cant believe that i actually forgot to test the lures with rock smash, i dont know why i didnt remember about that. Thanks for the info!
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