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  1. Team name: Coeest Player OU: Queest Player NU: Cogeid
  2. IGN: Cogeid Tiers: All tiers, but no comps Fluff: I'll be cheerleading
  3. If you can’t beat them join them, I’ll be using Kingsrock and quick claw team this season in ou. See you lads at the top of the ladder
  4. Your explanation doesn't make sense in the aero situation because it has a low usage rate in both uu and nu. The sole reason it moves to ou is the niche suicide lead role. All the mons you mentioned will never drop to nu in the first place, and even if it ends up in nu it will get quick banned in no time.
  5. In-Game Name: Cogeid Country/Region: China Preferred Tiers: NU Discord Tag: NiceRice#4516
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