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  1. Ludicolo has to have protect. It's usually the weakest so they are going to attack it. You can use that as your advantage, use rain dance on Kingdra and then spam surf, or just use ice beam/gigadrain, depending on the pokemon.
  2. Kingdra (rain setter), Ludicolo (spam surf with both of them), and then you can choose between Scizor, Gyarados, Dragonite, Mantine...
  3. I know he did. However, that doesn't mean the devs or him did good. Even though this is a free to play game, there's currently some revenue regarding this game. It's true that updates shouldn't be rushed. However, that wasn't the point: If they give some ETA, they must comply. Otherwise people are going to complain. Not giving any ETA like they usually do, which is what they have decided to do now, is not an option either. In every kind of job a estimated time is required when you start working on a project, I am talking from experience. If they are unsure about being on time with that ETA, they they could just overestimate a lot. For example, they could say it is going to be released by the end of the year, when in reality, they thought of releasing it in April or May. That's a win-win situation, because if they release it earlier, as planned, they could make an announcement and people are going to be happy. If they do not, well, people are still going to be happy because there won't be any kind of delay.
  4. I have a question: I got the the 4th boss fight with Nian once, after no losing any lives whatsoever. The other times we lost any live we only got to the third boss fight, so I guess that in order to remain in the game we need to stay alive (by not loosing all of our Pokémon nor changing Pokémon between people). Now, my question is, the time I got the the 4th Nian boss (on the 22nd wave) I hadn't lost any life either, but the event wouldn't let us continue any further after defeating the boss. Do you know the reason? Thank you.
  5. 1800 hours, training shiny hunting... and just a shiny golbat...
  6. Yeah one of mine in which I had tons of comps got deleted. I transferred them from my main account, so being an alt acc I did fill all the requirements...
  7. Yeah well, expect that they are not elected democratically. A mayor is the only one chosen by the community, and hence, it can serve as link better in advanced. However, this doesn't happen as often as it should, so it's just that, theoretically. The community has the power the elect someone else if they feel like the job is not being done properly though. Which is a key point. Anyway, I believe the term 'mayor' is not the right one, even though it is elected. I mean, it is ok to be called Mayor, but I think a better one would be representative, since that's what we're talking about here
  8. I don't really get why they are going to be implemented then. I mean, if having legendaries is bad for the economy, for the PvE experience and the PvP one, then what's the point in getting them via dungeons? I mean, I'd love to be able to get them. And the dungeons thing sounds like a really good idea. Besides, I know some people that would come back just because of that update. But I can't really grasp what would be the advantages of having them in game for you. Thanks.
  9. I'm just curious, can it be sold on GTL? Or is it untradeable? (Like some items). Cause I've looked it up and there are no entries, which is a bit weird.
  10. Yey congrats! That's crazy, so few encounters. It's one of my favorites shiny mons :)
  11. Oh ok I know what you mean now. Well, people would still buy them so there would still be cash flow because people still want vanities, donator status and things like that. Again, it used to be like that till 2016. You can see it in the fourth page of the GiftShop thread, which is right above this one (squirtle said so). I would upload a screenshot myself, but I'm on Android lol
  12. That's true, it doesn't provide any advantage in PvP. But I believe the game goes far beyond that, for instance, just gathering rare shinys is another way to 'win' in here. That's just my opinion though. I'm sorry, I don't really know what you mean by that. There's already an ingame currency so the game would be monetized. Except that I do not consider that lying, but changing your opinion. And I might be wrong but I think you do not see right away that the item you are buying is tradeable in the Gift Shop. Actually, back in 2013 the staff said that "allowing donate items to be tradeable will not occur as we do not want donators to greatly effect the ingame economy. Someone could theoretically purchase hundreds of hats and corner the market pretty easily". And well, that's what people actually do. Anyway, so by your lines, would you say they have lied then? I do not see it that way, they just somehow changed their opinion.
  13. I don't think so. I mean, I believe the game is p2w (and not p2p as others have said), as having a lot of money can be one of the goals of the game - and you can just buy anything you want with it. Therefore I think making Giftshop items untradeable won't help he current situation, but it will certainly make it better in the future, since no more 'easy money' would be generated, and people wouldn't be able to sell the ones that they already have. Besides, I do not think the staff would lose any credibility, since it used to be like that till 2016, and you are still keeping your items. It's not like releasing the old vanities again, they are just untradeable.
  14. I believe making Giftshop items non-tradeble back again is the way to go. That people people would still buy the items because they want to, but not to sell them. It used to be like that till 2016, and actually most people would give the same reasons I am giving now. I think the economy has been broken because of people buying tons of vanities and selling them (so, that's a p2w weather you like it or not) and also abusing berry farmer. There have already been fixes regarding the later, but there's still the Giftshop items sales issue.
  15. As long as it has player base it won't cease to exist. And I have no reason to believe nobody will play it in the future
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