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  1. IGN: Jhowteon Country: Brazil Tiers: OU/UU/NU/DB Discord: Jhow#1151 Fluff: caioxlive will be our cheerleader on the bench
  2. Good players adapt quickly to any tier or game format, whether OU/NU or Singles/Doubles, so honestly I wouldn't mind one bit if there was another gym with a unique, leader-specific tier (even if it was mine weakest tier) as we have enough time to challenge everyone multiple times, and I'm pretty sure I'm capable of beating anyone in any game mode.
  3. I believe that each team should use the weapons they have at their disposal to their advantage to offer a worthy challenge to their Gym Leader. Our team is very limited by being an exclusive team only of players of the same nationality, and this means that sometimes we can't recruit the most "acclaimed" names of the competitive in each tier, and that's exactly why we decided to choose by the Doubles tier in our Gym Leader. I know that most people don't know how to play Doubles because it's the most different, difficult and complex tier, and having knowledge about this tier is what makes me able to provide a good challenge to any great player on any other team.
  4. Challenges against the leader will take place in the highest hill on the island 7 ch5
  5. Caio, before you started playing this shit, the current hosts of [BR] had already won a world cup for Brazil (World Cup 1) and in addition we won 3 Team Tournament in all, and we had the best performance among all teams of server in 2021, so before saying that we do not represent our country, remember that no other BR team has achieved even half of what we have achieved in the competitive scenario.
  6. When will the discord server be released for everyone?
  7. I look forward to challenging them
  8. hello i've been a little busy the last few days but i'll be off work tomorrow, can we play in the afternoon? 14 PM Gmt -3 seems like a good time, what do you say?
  9. I challenge you to a best of 5 in Doubles, 100k for every win. if you accept tell me the days and times you are available so we can arrange
  10. I really hope PorygonZ does go up, as it's been totally illogical in the tier since Porygon2 went up.
  11. I can't talk to my opponent (RedXJunvil) and he also doesn't answer me in the game's email, does anyone have his Discord?
  12. West Europe [0] vs [1] Brazil DB: ThinkNice vs Jhowteon (500k)
  13. In-Game Name: Jhowteon Country: Brazil Preferred Tiers: Doubles / OU / UU / NU Discord Tag: Jhow#1151
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