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  1. (April-Fools 2020) New Update! - Now Competitors can use the chat command +summongymleader in any public discord channel to instantly summon a GYM Leader he/she haven't defeated yet. Works even if the GYM Leader is at work/school or just asleep. - Competitors without 8 badges may get their empty badge slots in their trainer card infested with bug Pokémon. If infestation happens, existing badges or even the trainer card itself might get eaten. - Now both GYM Leaders and Competitors will be forced to do an extensive roleplay session before a Gym Challenge because... well, because they can. - Azalea has granted the power to kick/ban anyone including me from discord server if she feels like doing so.
  2. This also means "It's simply an idea to punish people who dedicate time and effort in leveling up their current mons to beat the Gym/ go back to farm trainer rebattles to buy some mons from GTL to fix their team." "Helping lazy people" what made a lot of major AAA MMO games lose their core players because, those who care about the game and invest time & effort in it were extremely disappointed. If you want to achieve something you gotta put effort in it. Imagine butterfly effect this can cause to the game, people would just run 1 meowth to payday the content and beat gyms/major battles with rental pokemon. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the game?
  3. That was not my exact point. Pokémon you buy off GTL continues to be part of your roster, Pokémon you have bought could contribute to your overall power or fix flaws in your team. But Pokémon rental would provide a temporary solution to symptoms instead underlying causes for a trainer struggling with a gym.
  4. This is Pokémon world equivalent of sending this letter to government; "I think it would be good if people could pay a small fee to get past some exams because they lack knowledge in that field." If your Pokémon is weak or lower leveled, you are not supposed to get past that Gym to begin with. If you do, you will be even more underleveled for the next content. Gyms serve as a checkpoint to lesser experienced trainers. Their primary purpose is to point out when the training is lacking and make it obvious for the trainer if his team has a serious flaw against a type. I'm against the idea of a feature that prevents healthy progression of a trainer.
  5. Hello, trainers! As you know I've been constantly looking to expand the Gym Leader roster for New Era. Even though all preparations are ready to start conference tournaments, our Gym Leader roster is far from enough to sustain it. Before I can begin PRL activities fully, I aim to have at least 14 active Gym Leaders. Remember what makes PRL exist is community itself. Me yelling around and trying to promote PRL, or inviting people to run Gyms here will never be enough. If you all give me a hand about this, letting your teams & friends know, we will get there much faster! Thanks for your help in advance!
  6. Yikes my eyes hurt while reading things on such contrasting color. But this is lovely and unique idea, love it! Good Luck to you and all your challengers!
  7. Welcome back Mr. Gym Leader! Glad to see you again on the battle scene! #exposed xD
  8. Update! Competitor applications will be open in a few minutes! Keep in mind New Era will be a bit different than before. I know there are more GYM Leaders that will sign up in near future but there are so few of them available right now. Since there won't be deadline for any applications, we will take pace of things slower in New Era. If you see a Gym open and you wanna go for it you can, but there is no rush to collect 8 badges until next conference which will happen after things stabilize a bit. This is basicly for preparing backends and trainer cards for Competitors. Also remember Competitors will have to pay 10k before challenging a gym, and they will get 20k if they win according to procedure. Please follow procedures to avoid any complications that may arise. Good luck all!
  9. Update for those who are interested in applying as a GYM Leader the applications will be accepted from now on, check gym-leader-applications channel on our Discord for details!
  10. Update! All backend development is finished and tested to meet PRL quality standards. With that out of the way, GYM Leader applications will be open a bit earlier than Competitor applications, which is scheduled to happen tomorrow pretty much. My Bellossom, Azalea will be in charge of a lot of stuff from now on, she has been through some harsh training to handle things properly. But Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning being a complicated topic in itself, I'm curious to see what kind of challenges this will bring and what kind of things it will make easier for all of us. I'll be constantly observing and improving on it as we go! Also since multiple people asked, there will no application fees for any registration. This will be a permanently up thing, I want to preserve freedom of joining and leaving for everyone at any point they want.
  11. He deserved to shine ;) https://challonge.com/PRL_Season1/standings the initial tournament was quite difficult to even participate in, so... all participants, including our Champion deserves the respect xD
  12. Yes, as many as we can get ^^ registrations are not open yet, should be up in a week or two.
  13. Ah! Elite 4 Guilleex! I couldn't contact you thru discord, I was looking for you. I'm glad that you are around here ^^ Of course! Would be an honor ^^
  14. PokeMMO Royal League New Era Initial Tournament Result Topic: Public Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YuqcpNQ Thanks to all of our community for supporting this event to this day! With a slight delay, we are back on the scene with our player-run league on PokéMMO. If you ever wanted to participate in canon-like Pokémon League in MMO environment, or you were a part of initial tournament of PRL and was itching for the fun to continue, here it is! This event is not only for top-tier players! Regardless of your skill level you can hone your skills against strong trainers, you can learn and teach a thing or two to others, you can still win rewards as you go, it's all about getting better while having fun! If you find anything here unanswered or you want to apply to participate in PRL, feel free to hop on our discord. How Does It Work? Rules Registration Fees? What About Rewards? Who are the Current Elite 4 and Champion?
  15. PokeMMO Royal League Results and Future Plan Announcements Tournament Topic: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/96962-prl-pokemmo-royal-league/ Tournament Link: https://challonge.com/PRL_Season1/standings Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YuqcpNQ Thanks to all community who supported this event so it could happen. We have been through many hardships and it was really challenging for not only me but all participants in many cases. I would love all constructive criticism or any feedback about PRL as this is planned to continue in future if our community keeps making it happen or somehow PokeMMO staff decides to support us as I guess we have proven that we can run this thing properly! Hall Of Fame and Rewards Following participants have earned rewards! I know the rewards are not that big but that's what our community could gather for this event so I still appreciate all the effort. Suneet - 13,225,000$ and "Champion" Title kiwikidd - 5,290,000$ and "Elite 4" Title Guilleex - 1,322,500$ and "Elite 4" Title SweeTforU - "Elite 4" Title Cali - "Elite 4" Title Hagene - 5,290,000$ and "Grand GYM Leader" Title Kasperl - 1,322,500$ Those who have earned in-game money rewards can request their rewards by replying to my message about this from discord or by mailing me in game. Until they do so, their rewards will stay untouched without any date of expiration. Honorable Mentions: About Future Plans PRL is scheduled to continue around January of 2020. We are moving to a new system! The plans are not final and may change before that date but, I will summarise what to expect when PRL continues, We will have GYMs permanently open! GYMs will continue to hand out badges for future conferences even during and after the League Conference. GYM Leaders will open and close their GYMs whenever they want as long as they are still registered as official GYM Leader of PRL. Winner of every GYM battle will get 10,000$! Also once a player attends a conference, their badges will reset so they will have to recollect! There will be regular conferences! Instead League Seasons, we will hold Pokémon League Conferences! People with 8 badges in their posession will be able to sign up. The winner will challenge Elite 4 then the Champion for their title! This will more canonize our Player-run league! So in next conference to become a champion, your challenge is expected to be like this: Much shorter tournaments! Four different battle conditions will be announced before a conference starts, every competitor will have to be ready for all 4 conditions. The tournament will be BO3 Single Elimination and conditions will be randomly selected right before the match! So PRL will be permanently active, but the tournaments will conclude much faster! Also there won't be wasted effort by preparing for a match that opponents do not attend to. Feedback Needed! A lot of people gave lovely feedbacks during tournament and what makes me proud and happy is almost all of them were quite positive. Here are some examples! I need every constructive criticism and feedback you have to give to make this event better, positive or negative! Hop on our public discord to know the upcoming plans and changes for our Player-run League! (Or just to play with my Bellossom, Azalea lol) Big thanks to everyone once again!
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