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Changelog: 29/07/2020


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An earlier iteration of the 31/07/2020 patch introduced a restriction where players would receive reduced matchmaking rewards if the battle ended before turn 15. This was reverted, and currently the restrictions are on:

  • Matches which end before turn 6 (normal forfeiture cutoff)
  • Matches played against the same opponents, if your ELO is below 550

We'll be looking over the reward system to better handle griefing in the near future.

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Changelog: 04/08/2020



  • Matchmaking rewards have been rescaled
    • Players may now earn between 1~10 Matchmaking Reward Points per battle, depending on their ELO & the duration of the match
    • Excessively low ELOs may now be disqualified from rewards
  • "OP Item" clause has been removed in standard PvP
    • BrightPowder / Lax Incense restrictions have been merged into Evasion Clause
  • When searching for an opponent in Matchmaking, if you've been waiting for a while, your eligible opponents will now expand over time


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some wild encounters would be spawned without damaging moves
  • Fixed speed evaluation after swap actions in Double Battles (Drizzle+Swift Swim/etc.)
  • Matches in very low ELO brackets, and matches which ended too quickly, will no longer be logged for PvP Statistics
  • Fixed an issue where party indicators would update before health bars when receiving damage
  • Fixed an issue where tournaments would not proceed after semi-finals
  • Fixed Teleport (for realsies this time)
  • Fixed an issue where, if a player descended from the Matchmaking Leaderboard, their ranking would not always be updated
  • In Double Battles, Encore will no longer forcibly redirect target slots, unless the target slot of the encored skill was invalid
  • Reward Claim widgets for Matchmaking / Tournaments now default to 31 for their IV selection
  • Fixed Matchmaking's spectate page support
    • Default sorting is now Ranking for all pages
  • Fixed an issue where, when initiating spectating in Matchmaking, sometimes the client would get stuck
  • Fixed a crash when rendering some species' Statistics pages



  • Weekly rewards & progress for Matchmaking have been reset due to rescaling
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Changelog: 19/08/2020



  • Matchmaking Rewards schedules have been updated
    • Matchmaking rewards are now on a scale of 10, instead of 1. Players with existing rewards have had their matchmaking stats updated to compensate for this change.
    • Various changes have been made to the matchmaking formula to better reward players

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various damage formula inconsistencies which could have led to slightly less damage than intended
    • (This typically manifested as -1, but up to -3 damage in some cases. This issue did not apply to all damage.)
  • Toxic Spikes is now prevented by Safeguard
  • Roar will now bypass Protect/Detect
  • Fixed Pickup for Fishing in Unova
  • Fixed Multi-Hit RNG calculation for Flinch effects
    • Previously, Flinch would only roll once per move. It now rolls for a flinch proc every hit
  • Fixed Sucker Punch's interactions with Me First & Focus Punch
  • Eggs can now be hatched while spectating
  • Fixed Prankster not restricting some status moves, like Taunt, when applying against Dark-types
  • Metronome can no longer be restricted by Torment
  • Fixed Pressure's extra PP reduction for several move types
    • Previously, moves which targeted the field and moves which did not consume PP on the first turn would not be affected by Pressure.
  • Fixed various issues with Custap Berry
    • Previously, this item would not always consume reliably when it activated (e.g. during 2-turn moves), and would not always broadcast correctly.
  • Fire / Water / Grass Pledge move fixes
    • Gems no longer affect Pledge moves
    • Pledge moves, when combo'd with each other, now always have STAB. This is in addition to Combo-moves' base power increase to 150.
    • Combo moves will now invoke the most effective typing, when issuing a combo move
      • (Water > Fire > Grass > Water). Previously, this would use the last move cast
    • Pledge moves can no longer be redirected by abilities such as Storm Drain
  • Bad Poison will now increment its counters even if the target's ability renders it immune to its damage
    • This affects targets with Magic Guard or Poison Heal, which would not receive the correct damage if their ability was removed via e.g. Worry Seed.
  • Fixed Fast Battle Replays crashing on battles with Team Preview
  • Fixed Future Sight's damage calculations and interactivity with many items/abilities
  • Fixed Encore sometimes propagating impossible targeting to Encored moves
  • Pursuit will now seek out any opponent who is switching during Double / Triple Battles
  • Pursuit no longer gains extra power against Teleport
  • Fixed Psych Up / Clear Smog's broadcasting for stat stages
  • Berry Blender NPCs now allow multiple results to be crafted simultaneously
  • Water Sport / Mud Sport now reduce damage by 2/3. Previously, it reduced by 1/2.
  • Focus Items / Endure can no longer proc off of False Swipe
  • When switching, Shed Shell will no longer broadcast its existence unless its restrictor enemy is still on the field
    • Previously, Shed Shell could have leaked its existence if the opponent swapped into something which restricted your swapping on the subsequent turn (but not when the swap action was issued)
  • PP differences are now healed when using PP Up / PP Max
  • Ethers no longer fail if the target is fainted
  • Transform can no longer Transform against Illusioned targets
  • Life Orb will now recoil on 0-damage moves, if they were still a successful attack (not Evaded/etc.)
  • Fixed Stats display ordering for Matchmaking / Tournament reward claim UIs


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