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The addition of legendaries makes sense!

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On 9/11/2023 at 2:16 AM, Ov3rbyte said:

It's not about lore it's about the fact they're busted
and nerfing them enough to be usable in PvP would defeat the point of them being legendary in the first place.

Would be nice to have uber legendaries, and to have a proper uber tier. 

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22 hours ago, Doctor said:

People who think this have no idea about PvP and it shows, most legendaries are underwhelming at best in competitive matters lmao

Thats not the only issue 

the meta is stale already and with just 2 new legendary pkmn the new team everyone plays has to include a mix of this now

suicune raikou chansey garchomp dragonite scizor  or t tar rotom wash


out of 603 pkmn in the dex


I only see 8 and now 3 of them are legendary just like everyone else nowdays


its not a skill issue its BORING

every pokemon just wanna be overtuned and cheese and everyone wanna play their ”favourite” pokemon

 those 8 pkmn in general + maybe 1 random busted OU pkmn that also dances or whatever just like everyone else 

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That's also not true at all. Sure, the OVERUSED Pokémon are OVERUSED for a reason, but Suicune fits only in a very specific type of team, Raikou is not seeing play and when it does it just sucks most of the time, and even if what you just said was true, having MORE POKÉMON available would alleviate this issue, not make it worse.


You can't complain about seeing the same Pokémon in every team and at the same time being against more Pokémon being introduced, you're just biased by nostalgia thinking legendaries are something great when in reality most of them were hardly OU, and considering we're missing still a lot of comp staples like HA Alakazam, regenerator slowtwins and Tangrowth, etc.

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On 9/16/2023 at 10:04 AM, Proteus84 said:

Imho they 'd have implemented  the caught legendary & mythical as temporarily : which means they disappear from you party after a bit of time (1 hour?) because they're too powerfull and break free.

You can find again the legendary in its place after a cooldown.


So you can meet them to complete the storyline and the pokedex as in original games.  <<Many player 'd be fine with just this.

You can enjoy your legendary for a while: battle with friends, but no PVP because they 're listed as banned.

You can crush gym leaders, elite four, etc but there's no way this is an efficient mean to moneymaking, because you have to consider all the time and item (repels, pokeballs) you spent before to catch the legendary in the dungeon, so you wanna use an optimal team of regular pokemon.


The recatchable aspect may open to great enjoyment by player, like catch all legendary run, contest who catches a legendary with highest IV, try to have the most legendary in an hour and fight a friend....


I don't think this way there'd be the "problem" to see too many players going around with legendary  follower, except maybe the first week the legendary is implemented in pokemmo (which is normal)

But for people still complain, you can add an option in the menu you can't see other player legendary follower, beside yours.


Sorry I just don't like your idea. They don't need to disappear from your party. I much rather that they stay with you forever just like in the main games. Like jesus christ, this is a video game, we're supposed to be having fun, not to follow some god forsaken lore about their legendary status and how they're too powerful and what not. Nobody becomes joyful or excited having their legendary pokemon disappear from their party and also, you only have the legendary for 1 hour? That's too short, the PokeMMO devs might as well not add them.  Then you can find the legendary again? That's going to worsen how grindy the game already is. There's a reason why this game isn't mainstream. 


Why no PVP? Oh, because they're overpowered? I for one don't care if I am up against an opponent with many legendaries and I'm sure most people don't care. I hate how so many people in this community are crying like babies about how broken legendaries going to be and yadda yadda yadda. Keep the tiers how they are in the normal games and stop crying about how OP they are in PVP or implement an OU w/o legendaries tier if so many people are UPSET AND CRYING over legendaries being used in PVP. 

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