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must be update hype

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46 minutes ago, TheChampionMike said:

Nope you simply have to add a black or white rom and update your current client (this is done automatically once you log in). You don't have to do anything else besides that, so no redownloading of anything. You do have to find the rom yourself though.

if you need an extra game, you might as well play black or white pokemon. the goal is to have several games in one. 

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7 hours ago, Oblastoration said:

Get out of the server room.



42 minutes ago, Desu said:

Please ignore "Dev Branch". It doesn't say that. I didn't just forget to remove it, you're just imagining it.

Hold me senpai. I'm scared.


Just now, Shu said:

They need to be updated by the creators. Also I gave you guys options to do semi-unbreakable themes but no one did them that way :-(



I think I did Shiny Umbreon as a copy of default dark, but it may still be broken.

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