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An English-speaking competitive team. Four-time Team Tournament champions.
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  2. How we have 300 pages what did we write
  3. Mike's random fact of the day™ Did you know snakes are “solar-powered” and rely fully on external heat or light sources. Reptiles sometimes get labelled ‘cold-blooded’ but this is incorrect as their blood isn’t actually cold. The accurate term is ectothermic, meaning their body temperature is variable and regulated by external sources. Unlike mammals and birds that are able to internally regulate their body temperature, reptiles need to use sources of heat, like the sun, to warm up. Wow very cool!!!!! I learned so much today. Come back again tomorrow™ for another interesting fun wacky fact. @Oltan is the biggest snake though, hate that guy
  4. Did you know there are 118 ridges on the side of a dime? No because-

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